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A last minute  invitation and GG and I found ourselves out to dinner last Sunday night at Outback Jacks in Rockingham instead of at home eating leftovers. We had driven down to Serpentine earlier in the day to visit GG’s parents and it was also his sisters birthday that day who also lived down that way so we were asked if you were up for joining them for dinner. I hadn’t been to Outback Jacks (OBJs) before, so thought it was worthwhile to seize the opporuntity to give it a go, also menat we could pass along the present to the birthday girl in person.

OBJs is a newish shopping area in Rockingham, just up the road from Hogs Breath and around the corner from the cinemas. Our booking was reasonably early – around 5.30ish, so it wasn’t overly packed when we arrived. Our group was on the larger side, all up there was 14 of us in all, with almost half of that number made up of kids. Oh yes, OBJs really ticks the family friendly box with their dining experience. There’s tv screens everywhere with catchy music videos (though they did have the Western Derby on when we arrived, which scored huge bonus marks from me) and then there’s a kids room with games a plenty, with kids meals you can get crocodile drink bottles with endless juice top ups and there’s things to colour in and crayons for everyone! They do a really great job of keeping youngsters entertained so that their parents can enjoys their meals in peace. Also for those who really enjoy their meat, you can tackle the Jacks Challenge ($44.95) where if you can eat their famous certified Diamond Cut Prime 1kg ages rump with potato wedges and steamed vegetables in under 30 minutes you get it for half price and also receive an OBJ t-shirt. No one in our group put their hand up for this but I’m sure many lads would give it a go.

So basically the friendly cowboy hat wearing staff come around and take your drink orders and also any entree orders that you may want and then for mains you just need to head up to the meat cabinet and choose the cut you fancy. And everything does look very fresh and well presented.

No one was up for starters on this visit so we all perused the menu to decide what to have for mains. Now I like steak but never want something too giant, so I thought the Sparrows ($26.95) sounded do-able. A Prime 300g Rump, minimum 100 day grain fed, seared to perfection. And all meals come served with your choice of a jacket potato with sour cream or chunky chips accompanied with a garden salad and coleslaw. I also splashed out an extra $2.95 for a dish of pepper sauce (from a choice of Peppercorn, mushroom, diane, creamy garlic, fiery red rock, firecracker sauce & cheese sauce.) It was money well spent as it was nice tasty sauce. Added something extra to the steak and worked a treat as a tasty dipping sauce for the chips. I was pretty impressed with my meal. It was a nice steak and I thought the inclusion of the coleslaw and garden salad was  good. I was fairly confident that I wasn’t going to get through 300g of steak but I wasn’t overly worried because the beauty of dining with my GG is that he’s always willing to lend a hand with surplus steak.

And he had actually counted on me doing this when he placed his order for the Boss Cockys Cut ($34.50), which was a Choice 250g Eye Fillet, grass fed for a smooth close grained texture cut thick to maximize juiciness. He went the jacket potato option. His dainty eye fillet almost seemed dwarfed on the plate next to the big spud, but I’m told it it was a nice cut of meat. One comment he did made was that he couldn’t tell a huge difference between his eye fillet and the bit of my rump steak that I gave him. He enjoyed them both, but price wise I think he had expected there to be a more stark difference in taste.

Most people around the table had gone steak, but a few gave the chicken option a go and GG’s dad was fairly impressed with the salmon dish he chose.

So for an family friendly night out, where they don’t mind if your group is a little rowdy and where kids can run amock, this place is worth visiting. The staff are attentive, (they also sing you happy birthday!) and the food was decent. In all, it wasn’t a bad night out. By the time we left every table was full, so clearly this newbie in Rockingham is already a popular choice!

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