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I’ve been to Hippo Creek twice already, both times to the Subiaco restaurant, so when I saw a Scoopon voucher for Hippo Creek in Hillarys I was most pleased because it meant I’d have a chance to take GG along and he loves his steak! So I bought the voucher ages ago and we finally managed to get a booking for a Saturday night and off we went. Our voucher meant that we could spend $150 on food and drink all for the bargain price of $49. Tres cool!

So GG bought along a bottle of red to work on (BYO is $8 per bottle) and I was happy with a few glasses of white off their drinks menu, a Riesling from memory. We decided that we’d start with some garlic bread to share ($7.50). The crunchy looking baguette presented well on its wooden board. However looks can be deceiving because it was pretty lacking in the taste department. Nice enough bread, but no real garlic flavour. More just like warm buttery bread. Bit disappointing really.

I had high hopes for my steak though, hadn’t been disappointed with Hippo Creek’s beef in the past. I went with the 250g Fillet Steak ($42) and as they outline in the menu at Hippo Creek all steaks are MSA grade and aged for a minimum of 21 days and come flame grilled with your choice of sauce and fries, mash or a baked potato (Dinner only) with sour cream and salad. I went with the fries option, done medium with pepper sauce. This was a hard decision though because Hippo Creek’s ‘monkey gland’ sauce is famous. Another time perhaps.

I did enjoy my meal – the chips were decent (maybe could have been a touch warmer), the salad on the side was nice (not overloaded with dressing) and they know how to cook a steak! The pepper sauce was nice and creamy and worked a treat either as a dipping sauce for the chips or as intended, a delicious accompaniment to the medium cooked steak.

GG decided he would tackle the big 500g Hunters Assaghai ($44), which is marinated cubes of rump on a skewer hanging over a bowl of fries with your choice of garlic or chilli butter dripping down served with a side salad. It definitely looked very impressive when bought to the table. Perhaps the smaller sized presented slightly better given that they balance the garlic or chilli butter in a bowl above the skewer instead of held together in foil. All good though, it worked. GG went for the garlic butter option. (Worth noting that it is possible to get both options…. a fact we found out after our visit) Whilst the meat was cooked to the medium rare perfection that he’d been hoping for, again there was a lack of garlic in the garlic butter flavour. He almost managed to polish it all off and it was with some regret that he left one piece behind.

Including a side salad was definitely a plus – a refreshing relief to the heavy steak and carby chips meal. The added bonus was that the salad wasn’t just lettuce – there was some tomato, cucumber – plenty of additions, including a nice, light salad dressing. All in all, it wasn’t a bad meal. I probably wasn’t quite as wowed as I had been on my visits to Subi, but they do make a decent steak, cooked just the way you like it.

Somehow we both found a little room for dessert. It’s a magical thing but there’s is always room for dessert. I couldn’t go past the Peppermint Crisp Cheesecake with chocolate mousse and caramel ice cream ($14). I have a lot of time for mint and I love cheesecake so it was two great loves combined. It was a very, very generous serving though. I was fairly surprised at the size. Not complaining, but there was no way I was going to be able to finish it after my steak and the garlic bread starter. Worth a go though.

GG has always had a soft spot for all things rice when it comes to dessert and so he couldn’t go past the Coconut Rice Pudding. It came served with spiced apple and mixed berry compote with vanilla ice cream ($12). He really enjoyed it.

So what did I think of my visit to Hillary’s Hippo Creek….. I didn’t mind it. It’s a beautiful venue and they’ve done a wonderful job out Hillary’s way. Restaurant after restaurant. Choices a plenty! And it’s much closer to home than I thought it was! I was really impressed with the service at Hippo Creek. A young lad named Kiernan deserves special mention, his attentive service went beyond his young age. It’s not a bad spot, the ol’ Hippo Creek, so if you are chasing a decent steak then its worth a visit. Get your steak on!

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