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I’m always excited when I stumble across one of the many voucher websites and find one for a restaurant that I’ve always really wanted to visit. Such was the case on Stardeals a few weeks back when they had one for Blackbird Restaurant in East Perth. The deal was for a ‘Gourmet Lake View Lunch at Blackbird Restaurant’, for the bargain price of $59 for a Lunch for 2 People with Olives and Bread for starters, then your Choice of Main Course and a Bottle of Two Brothers Wine, which was of ~$118 value. I love a bargain and had heard a lot of good things about Blackbird.

So we made a booking a few weeks in advance and had a Sunday 1pm lunch booked for August. And as fate would have it the weather was entirely sensationally delightful the day we were headed along, plus East Perth/Claisebrook is a beautiful area.

Blackbird Restaurant hasn’t been around for too long but it has established a solid reputation in this short time.

We decided, given the sunny weather, that we’d share a bottle of white. It was fresh and fruity and hit the spot quite nicely.

So we sipped our vino and snacked on the fresh herby bread rolls and the tasty olives as we decided what we would have for our mains.

The menu wasn’t overly extensive but there was enough there to make the decision about what to have fairly tricky business. I decided I would partake in the chicken option – Charred maryland chicken, polenta, leek, orange glaze ($29). It presented well. I’m not sure what I had expected really, but it was probably different to what I had envisaged. I think it was mainly the polenta. Hadn’t really had it in a smooth sort of mashed style form before. It did work though. I didn’t mind the meal, probably just didn’t wow me as much as I had hoped. I did like the orangey glaze, added a nice zesty tang to the polenta and I have a lot of time for leek in any dish. So there were definite pros to the meal.

While not included in the voucher we thought we would splash out and order some greens on the side. We went for the Green beans, oregano, rocket ($8). They were al dente, crunchy, perfect. Especially with the herby butter inclusion! Really enjoyed them.

Now GG, he’s a steak man from way back so he couldn’t go past the Black Angus sirloin, silverbeet, cauliflower cheese, jus ($36). It was an impressive cut of meat, towered higher with its mound of califlower cheese. The super cute jug with jus on the side was also delicious (I’m told). I really want some of those little individual gravy jugs. They present so perfectly. I’ll have to google where I could find them. I digress though.

GG noted that he was well impressed with how his steak was cooked – medium rare perfect pink! Just look at the photo, says it all. He really enjoyed his meal. Probably more so than I did but hey I can’t win them all…… in our endless quest to ‘win the best meal when we go out’ contest 🙂

Blackbird is in a great location, its size makes it very quaint and charming and the service there was excellent. I suspect that if I had also had the steak I would have been as equally as impressed as GG. I wouldn’t mind heading back though to give it another go. Especially for dinner. I believe it would be very beautiful with the lights over the lake at the front.

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  1. I have to admit that when i saw the chicken option on the menu i found it strange that a roasted maryland was served on polenta. Normally with italian food you will have a heavy rich stew served on top of the polenta. Polenta was normally a way to strech out a meal when not much meat was available.

    But i digress, in terms of flavour it doesn’t go well together in my head because its two delicately flavoured things.

    Apart from that i really really like the location of blackbird restaurant!

  2. Hi Simon – right you are. Location wise, Blackbird is sort of tucked out of the way and in a nice quiet spot in the lovely East Perth area – couldn’t ask for better. It will just come down to me ordering something different next time, because I do agree with your comments above 🙂

    I’m sure with the right mains I’d be as happy as GG was!

  3. Oh, I hope you go another time & for dinner. I’ve been to Blackbird three times and each time it has been amazing. Perfectly cooked meats, different combinations of textures/flavours & staff who know their wines. I’m pretty sure that Blackbird is my favourite restaurant, ever. 🙂

    1. Favourite restaurant ever hey? That’s a huge rap 🙂 I’ll definitely have to venture back there. It would be super pretty in the evening I’m sure 🙂

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