Largesse Dinner #5

For the longest time I have wanted to head along to a Largesse Dinner. They are a magical evening where Perth culinary geniuses get together in aid of a worthy Perth charity. As fate would have it and as the stars aligned and there was a Largesse dinner on a date that GG and I could actually go to!

The problem was though, this was a very popular event. A mobile phone number became available at 10am on booking day and it was a race against time to get through in time. I had an alarm set in my outlook calendar at work and kept all fingers and toes crossed as the time approached. After several unsuccessful attempts I manged to get through and made a booking for two. I was delighted! More so when I found out that it sold out in just 9 minutes! Lucky was definitely on my side!

So it really didn’t take took long for the night to arrive. There was a slight drama when we walked in and my name wasn’t on the door bt they managed to find a seat for us after some brief hyperventalation on my part. Just an oversight I was assured.

And my favourite M&Ms had already arrived and we were fortunate enough to be able to sit at their table. Oh it was going to be a good night – amazing food and sensational company.

As we arrived we were given a glass of bubbles then as we sat we were served some of Divido’s delicious sour dough bread with olive oil and vinegar. They also brought around pizzetti, very tasty little morsels. Pizzetti with Chandon NV ‘Kir Royale’ Yarra Valley Victoria,

This was the fifth Largesse dinner and they move around to each of the 6 chefs restaurants. And each of the 6 stellar chefs prepared a course and the wines were then also donated. It really is a ery special evening and for such a worthy cause that is the Leukemia Foundation.

The first course came from Red Cabbage and was their take on “Breakfast” – Bacon, eggs and beans with Dr Loosen ‘Wehlener Sonnenhur’Kabinet 2008 Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Germany. Made one wonder what they would bring out. The presenation was sensational! Tiny little tins filled with beans with crunchy pancetta then a crumbed egg yolk balanced carefully on top. Then off to the side was a smear of chutney and a small round brioche. Amazing start to the evening! I would eat breafast for dinner every night if it came out looking like this.

Next up was the workings of Petit Mort – the salute to seafood – Scallop, smoked tortellini, saffron with Thompson Estate Chardonnay 2009 Margaret River Western Australia. Again, it was a vision, with its snow pea tendrills adding to the colour of the dish. And it wasn’t an overly seafood flavour which always bodes well with me.

Moving along it was Stephen Clarke’s turn. Poussin it read on the menu. I wasn’t even sure what that was, but turns out it was a kind of small bird and as exceptionally tasty one at that! I think of all the dishes that I found this one to be the most beuatiful. It was so carefully plated and the additon of the flowers were precious. And it tasted as amazing as it looked. Poussin, mushrooms and sweetcorn with Paringa Estate ‘Estate’ Pinot Noir 2008 Mornington Peninsula Victoria.

Restaurant Amuse’s Hadleigh Troy was next on the scene and he created a delicious gnocchi dish. Soft pillows of potatoey wonder in a rich tomato sauce. With the parmasen sprinkled on top and throughout the sauce it was indulgently wonderful. Gnocchi, tomato and parmasen with Chateau de Montfaucon Cotes du Rhone 2008 Rhone Valley France.

There was a brief musical interlude when we were graced with the presence of a previous Australia’s Got Talent contestent who wowed us with her operatic stylings.

Then came Jason Jujnovich’s course and he represented Divido very well with his slow roasted lamb dish with Bella Ridge Estate Cabernet Merlot 2006 Swan Valley Western Australia . Everyone was given a plate for wonderfully roasted roast vegetables, incluidng artichoke, which I hadn’t had roasted before. Its delicious! Then the chefs temporarily left the kitchen and with a dramatic slice of their knives served the lamb to everyone’s plate. With its 12 hours of cooking the lamb just melted in your mouth.

The final course was from Kieren Mainwaring of Dear Friends, of recent acclaim in the Gourmet Traveller restaurant awards. Dessert was a taste sensation, Chocolate, honeycomb marshmallow and rosemary with Alvear Pedro Ximenez ‘1927’ Dulce Viejo Montilla-Moriles Spain – I couldn’t get enough. Really special end to the meal.

The combination of friendly waitors from these brilliant restauarnts meant that the whole experience was professionally run and just so amazing – with GG and my good friends in tow it was one of the most special evenings of the year. I really enjoyed each course and I think its a credit to the chefs that they and their teams so generousl ydonate their time and expertise to raise money for a really worthwhile cause. I can only hope that when the next Largesse rolls around that I am lucky enough to head along again.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Largesse policy is no second helpings, meaning you can only go once so that everyone can get a turn

    1. Hi Karen,
      I know for the fifth dinner they dropped their second helpings rule for the first time…. so not sure what will happen with their 6th. I do think it is a good idea, so that more people can head along and enjoy all that fabulous food 🙂

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