Sorrento Beach Shack

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….

Beside it….. not so much in it

Never been a huge beach person….. but it is delightful to lunch in view of the ocean. And such an opportunity presented when I bought myself a voucher to the Beach Shack Café in Sorrento, way back when, and finally got around to using it before it expired at the end of February.

I had actually bought two vouchers and given one to my parents and they’d only used theirs the week or two prior. They had enjoyed themselves, but had added that if it was a hot day then it would be a very warm spot to eat lunch, given that it was basically a tin shed with just fans rotating the hot air down onto you.

I was conscious of this and incredibly grateful when the hot weather took a breather and it was high 20’s at most on the Saturday when we rocked up. Our reserved table was closer to the front, which was nice, we got a bit of breeze and there was a really good busker playing her guitar and singing so that made for some nice entertainment.

The voucher was incredible value – $24 for $100 worth of food and drinks. So we could choose 2 mains and 2 cold drinks, then 2 desserts and 2 hot drinks. We suspected that we weren’t not going to leave hungry. So we started by ordering a lemon, lime and bitters…

It was quite an extensive menu – plenty of burgers and salads, then slightly larger options like steaks, chicken parmiganas and what I went for the pork ribs. They also offered pizzas, but only after 5pm, which I was a little disappointed about. I could have easily smashed a pizza… perhaps another time.

A slight aside…… they advertised a pizza on their menu called the Shack Attack……. I found myself bemused at its description. Sparked an interesting response when I posted it on my facebook wall…. Most people thought it didn’t really fit, while others argued that the meaning of “awesome” was being misinterpreted. Hey each to their own I suppose.

So moving on from that and as mentioned I decided to tackle the pork ribs. Tackle being the operative word, because geeze louise ribs are messy business. Yes the sweet sticky sauce was delicious, but all that effort, for what really doesn’t seem like that much meat…. hmmm… such is ribs I suppose. The chips that came along with them were deliciously crisp and tasted a treat when dipped in the sauce. And the side salad provided a refreshing finish to the meal. In all, I hadn’t minded it, just messy and well, hard work. Plus being unco when I had borrowed GG’s steak knife to slice and dice the ribs, I had managed to stab myself in the finger. But that’s really more my fault than the ribs….. or is it 😉

Across the table GG ordered the surf and turf (huge shock there I know :)). He had a similarly generous serve of chips and salad, while the steak was perhaps a little on the skinny side from where I was sitting. The prawns looked nice though and there was plenty of creamy garlic sauce to dip them in. He enjoyed his meal. Agreed that the steak wasn’t one of the better ones he had had, but said that it was still decent, as his empty plate testified.

Then it was time for dessert. Neither of us felt like a hot drink, so we just went with the Warm Brownie Sundae. When it arrived it wasn’t quite how I imagined it would be served. I thought the brownie would be more cakey, but this was more like a denser slice – with little cubes of it throughout the sundae. Then there was oodles of cream and ice cream and super sweet berry coulis. Then at the bottom was a generous pour of chocolate syrup. Probably not much favourite dessert of all time, but in terms of a sugar hit, I was well prepared to be bouncing off the walls after all that syrupy goodness.

Service had been friendly and prompt, can’t argue with the value and loction wise it was all very picturesque in front of the marina. Not a bad spot for a quick bite.

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