Five Bar – revisited

My last attempt to dine at Five Bar had been thwarted and I’d ultimately been left lamenting what could have been….. what a time of woe it was. So when GG and I decided to try our luck at Five again on a fine Sunday lunchtime, I was unconvinced that we would be able to find a seat yet again. But lady luck was on our side and apparently its later in the afternoon on a Sunday when it is slightly busier (no doubt in line with the scheduled showing of Perth’s leading oyster shucker – Jerry Fraser), but at 12 that day we were very lucky and secured one of the tables and chairs off to the right. Score!

Service was swift upon us sitting down. We were bought glasses of water along with our menus and started deciding what to have. I’ll admit I was a little disappointed that the steak tartar was no long on the menu but the beef Carpaccio sounded divine, so getting more than a little carried away I ordered that, the field mushrooms and also the roast pork open sandwiches. GG opted for one of the larger meals and went with the barramundi. I suspected I would need his help to finish my ridiculously over the top order….. good thing he has a big appetite 🙂

Given the summery weather I went for a James Squire Cider, available on tap, which was very refreshing, while GG opted for a red. Because he’s a refined sort – tehehe, ok he just felt like a red.

Given it wasn’t too busy at this point, the food didn’t take long to arrive. It was all so beautifully presented and for the price I found it to be on the generous side. I started with the Carpaccio. Thinly sliced beef with the a delicate smattering of microherbs, goats cheese and baby cornichons – the meat just melted in your mouth and the combination of flavours was glorious. I didn’t end up sharing much of this with GG….. because it was so good!!

I decided next to see whether the field mushrooms were as delicious as the last time I had them. Big, juice pieces of mushrooms with a balsamic vinegar glaze on crunchy bread. One bite in and I was as equally smitten as last time. A delicious dish! Especially with the creamy cheese. Works so well together.

And finally I turned to the roast pork open sandwiches. No doubt they looked amazing, but my appetite had already been dented with the other dishes so I only hoped I would do them justice. It was perfectly cooked roast pork, sliced thin and the homemade slaw was seriously perfect. Really crunchy and with a creamy sauce, but not too much sauce if you know what I mean. They’d managed to find that the right balance on the sauce front. Very, very yum.

Given the generosity of their servings I was definitely glad that GG still had some room left after his barramundi (which I am told was quite delicious also) to assist me with finishing off the rest of my ambitious meal. We took our time and slowly but surely managed to empty all the plates.

Five is a consistent performer on the food front – perhaps not the most extensive menu, but some interesting choices and they frequently rotate what is on offer. I actually heard it on the grapevine that the steak tartar is back on the menu…. Complete with an egg yolk…. So I suspect I’ll be back there pretty soon.

Many Thanks!

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  1. Great write up C! I am dying to try this place for a meal!
    Does GG read your blog? what would he say to the fact that you called him a ‘refined sort’? hehehe

    1. You have to give it a go Simon – such a nice spot – really tasty food and while I forgot to include the prices, for the size of the serves I think its pretty reasonable.
      Tehehe and no GG probably doesn’t read my blog that often, but I asked him and apparently he didn’t mind being thought of as “refined” – lucky for me I suppose 🙂
      Hope alls well!!

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