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“We’re going to have a ball tonight – let’s have a ball! Down at the Globe!” I sung this Big Audio Dynamite classic in my head on the way to dinner recently at one of the CBD’s newer additions, The Globe.

17 February 2016 051

Situated in the vibrant 140 Perth complex on William Street, The Globe is a larger venue than I had expected. Split into a cocktail bar, alfresco and bar section with a stylish eatery there are options available depending on your preferred eating and drinking mood.

GG and I had been invited along to a bloggers dinner and the night kicked off in The Lane, the Globe’s cocktail bar. It’s a small space, well decked out with a focus on wood and some cute, dangly light fixtures that looked entirely on trend. It was relaxing with its mix of comfortable seating options and our group perched along a cosy, cushioned bench and studied the cocktail menu.

17 February 2016 010

It was a creative list and we carefully considered what to order, making sure there were no double ups because we wanted to check out as many as we could. Plus, we like to take pretty pictures of food and drinks as it turns out! Shown here are these pretty creations:

  • HUGO – Prosecco, Soda Water, Housemade Elderflower Syrup, Fresh Mint $15
  • ICY MULE – Ketel One Vodka, Ginger Ale, Ginger Syrup, Lime, Salted Ginger and Cucumber Popsicle $16
  • LOTUS POTION – Ohranj Stolichnaya Vodka, Orange Juice, 5 Spice Syrup, Lemon Bitter, Mangosteen Foam $16
  • GRADISCA – Vodka Imperiale, Joseph Cartron Mandarin, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic20
  • MY MAI TAI – Barrel Aged Rum Symphony, Apricot Brandy, Housemade Falernum, Orgeat, Orange Juice, Angostura Bitter, Lime $18
  • BATIK – Bulldog Gin, Maraschino Liquer, Mandarin, Grapefruit & Lemongrass Reduction, Rose Lemonade, Pink Pepper $18

17 February 2016 014

I went for the Mai Tai and really enjoyed it. If I’m honest, it’s a drink I’ve only ever ordered in Phuket, so it was nice to order it and try the local spin. Fresh and fruity, it was perfect for the balmy evening. Positive reports flowed around the group for our drinks. The bar crew was a talented bunch.

17 February 2016 018

We were then given a larger cocktail to share, the Batik, and I loved the deep herby tones from the abundance of thyme, potentially my favourite herb, it was a delicious creation.

17 February 2016 026

From here we wandered downstairs to the Eatery. Everything looks fresh and clean, though despite distinct elements of newness they have managed to capture the historical charm of the space. We didn’t know it when we sat down, but we would essentially be working our way through the majority of the menu. The team from The Globe recognised that Perth prices have been said to be on the higher side for many years now, but they actively chosen to pitch their menu at a more medium price point and I really think they’ve achieved that and I’m sure it will be embraced.

17 February 2016 027

We kicked off the action with a range of their entrees:

  • Bread & salted butter (p/p) $2.50
  • Sumac & orange marinated olives $6.00
  • Beetroot, Yoghurt & Cardamom Dip $8.00
  • Whipped feta, pickled crudites $9.00
  • Eggplant, tomato sultana & rosewater yoghurt10.00

Lovely presentation of all the dishes. The vibrant pickled carrots and radishes really stood out, on top of the dollop of smooth, whipped fetta. The beetroot dip, spiked with a liberal infusion of cardamom, was lavishly piled onto the toasted Turkish bread – well when I slathered it on the bread it was how it ended up. Delicious. I’d say my favourite of this group though was the eggplant dish. Rare for me to put eggplant number one on the honour roll, but there was something about how well the flavours in this dish married together, I just couldn’t go past it. It could have been the subtle floral infusion from the rosewater in the creamy yoghurt, but it was a delight.

17 February 2016 03017 February 2016 04717 February 2016 03217 February 2016 04117 February 2016 03917 February 2016 038

Round two of entrees followed and after round one we were excited:

  • Market fish carpaccio, chilli, pistachio, peach $12.00
  • Octopus, lemon & white bean, chorizo $12.00
  • Fried haloumi, watermelon & harissa $11.00

The ceviche was fresh and fabulous. I loved the welcome crunch from the pistachios against the citrus zest from the tender, limey kingfish.  Now I have never professed to be a huge octopus fan, but they had done a great job with this creation and the occy and the chorizo hanging out on the same plate proved to be a winning pair. And speaking of winning pairs the same has to be said of the watermelon and the grilled haloumi. On paper some folks queried whether this fruit and cheese combo would taste ok? It surely did. Pass me another plate of lush fruit and squeaky cheese any day of the week.

17 February 2016 058

17 February 2016 05617 February 2016 05517 February 2016 052

It was time to proceed to the mains and plates arrived in an exciting flurry and we used our Tetris skills to fit them in along the table: 

  • Pepper crusted flank steak, sweet corn, cucumber pickle $26.00
  • Tasmanian salmon, green tahini, almonds, olives $30.00
  • Pot roasted lamb breast, afghan yoghurt, eggplant $29.00
  • Confit chicken, silverbeet, raisins & hazelnuts $28.00

17 February 2016 062

The salmon was dramatically blackened on the outside, but remained a familiar orange hue in the centre. It was well cooked fish, perfectly flakey as you forked yourself a piece and another and another.

17 February 2016 064

The steak was wonderful, another favourite. Sliced into strips it had been well seasoned with pepper and seared along the outside but remained pink in the middle, served on top of a corn purée along with slices of pickle. It was definitely a different combination to other steak dishes, but it actually worked really well together. Slightly sweet and creamy corn, crisp and zesty pickle pieces and that peppery beef, it was so delicious.

17 February 2016 085

Lamb is a longtime favourite of mine and The Globe’s take was a lovingly slow cooked marvel. The meat just fell apart and along with the creamy yoghurt it was a delight to eat. Loved every morsel, yep going back for just a little bit more, just one more bit, oh dear I would have no room left very soon!

17 February 2016 073

The chicken dish was pleasant, a well-cooked bird with perfectly crispy skin, but I suspect I was feeling on the fuller side at this point, so it potentially didn’t stand out quite as much as the preceding dishes.

17 February 2016 094

There were also a few sides sent out and while something of the veggie persuasion is really going to steal focus (for me at least) from a meat dish, a special mention does need to go to The Globe’s take on the classic cauliflower cheese. It is epic. Decadent melted comté cheese on the bottom of the plate, then grated on top and baked to a lustrous crisped golden brown. Way to make a vegetable more awesome, introduce it to cheese and a lot of it. There was also a radicchio salad and whilst I visually find radicchio a pretty addition to a dish as the key ingredient it was fairly bitter and not quite to my taste.

  •  Roasted cauliflower, comte, almond $11.00
  • Chicken fat potatoes $9.00
  • Radicchio, pecorino, crouton, green olive, egg $10.00

17 February 2016 093

What a feast that had been! The night was rounded off with some cheese plates and the chance to give a rousing round of applause to talented Head Chef Alexandra Haynes when she made a brief appearance from the kitchen. Big fan of her work.

17 February 2016 101

This relative newbie appears to have hit the ground running and is well worth a visit for a refreshing beverage and a very tasty feed with friends.

My thanks to The Globe for the invitation and opportunity to try so much of your delicious menu. Can’t wait to head back!

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