I was away for just about all of August, which is a long time to go without seeing your best friend! So on arriving back recently, a catch up was definitely in order. Now Mrs M had been slightly preoccupied for a few Saturdays and Sundays with painting and the fun on the front was going to the continuing that afternoon. So we decided to meet for an early breakfast and that we’d head out her way. I left the place choosing to her and it was set for Atomic in South Perth.

I’d never been before, but a sneaky peak on urbanspoon and it had pretty solid reviews, plus I don’t head out to breakfast that often so it’s always a bit of a treat. I arrived first and at 8am it wasn’t hard to get a table, still plenty to spare.

Mrs M arrived not long after and our first order of business was to get our orders in….. as if we sensed that a bigger crowd was perhaps looming. We went for identical choices on the drinks front – 100% premium bottled juice, blood red orange ($5.50), Preshafruit, one of my favourites and also a Cappuccino ($3.90).  And the coffee was well made and didn’t take long at all to arrive to our table! Let’s face it, a caffeine injection early on a Sunday can really help to kick start you into action…. particularly if you’ve had a ‘bigger’ Saturday night 🙂 This cappuccino really hit the spot.

I kept things fairly simple for my food order and went for Two free range eggs, any style, served with two slices of ciabatta toast ($11.50) and a side of homemade baked beans ($4.00). I ordered my eggs poached and went with the side of beans after my dining companion’s rave reviews of them on her previous visits. Can’t fault the turnaround from placing our order to our plats arriving. Nice and snappy!

And I thought it looked good. I did have some concerns about the bread. Sometimes the crust on ciabatta can get rock hard when toasted, but thankfully there was still a bit of chew left in this, which was pleasant. The beans also deserved their high praise. Look at the size of them! Massive beany goodness in a delicious tomato sauce. The dish of them didn’t look all that big when I arrived but with the other items on the plate, turning my attention to them last did not prove to have been the best way to go. Didn’t quite get through them, but really enjoyed what I did have.

And the star of eggs on toast…. The eggs! Will you look at these softy poached wonders! You cut into them and the indulgently deliciousness that is flowing egg yolk spilled onto the toast. So entirely fabulous! Five star eggs!

Across the table Mrs M ordered the Mushroom Bruschetta – Sautéed mixed mushrooms, rocket, 1 poached egg, shaved parmesan, truffle oil on ciabatta toast ($12.50). I have to admit that I was a little envious when I say her plate arrive. They didn’t scrimp on mushrooms and there were generous shavings of parmesan on top, plus a poached egg. One of their perfectly poached eggs. Looked lovely and from all accounts it was very tasty. It was definitely gobbled up very quickly 🙂

I’d have to say that I thought the prices for food were pretty very reasonable. And everything had been wonderfully tasty! And clearly this thought was shared by many. By the time we left the place was packed! A very popular place with the lycra set, oh and dog owners in the outdoor section.

Good breakie Atomic – I’d definitely head back soon 🙂

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  1. How delicious is Atomic?! Love it there, and South Perth is such a nice area! Perfect spot for a lazy Sunday breaky!

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