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My uni days were spent at Curtin – a quality four and a half years where my lunch of choice was a chip roll from George’s Tavern and my favourite snack was a choc chip muffin and a chocolate milk from Bookmark Cafe. It was a wonderful time to be alive 🙂

However I’ll admit that I was perhaps a little jealous the other day when Miss She-ra and I left the office and ventured out for a lunch away from the desk. We headed to the uber glammed up Waterford Plaza. Now I didn’t spend too much time at Waterford Plaza when I was at Curtin, but it was just across the road from uni and my memory extended as far as ducking into the Coles they had there. But a whole lotta coin has gone into turning this area into a total student haven – it is wonderful! Store front after store front of reasonably priced dining options on offer – everything from Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Subway, Burgers, even the latest addition to the Hippo Creek chain.

On our visit we had a particular place in mind for our lunch and it was a place called Chilliz. Talk about bargain central! Basically they have a whole series of dishes prepared with a range of chicken dishes with either rice or noodles and the most expensive dish on the menu would probably be around $8! I went with barbeque chicken and fried rice for the bargain price of $4.80, whereas my lunch companion opted for one of the curry options. While the dishes are all prepared and handed to you on making your selection, neither of us had any real concern that they had been sitting there for long, because the line was out the door and the turnover was incredibly high! I remember student days – you hone your bargain hunter skills.

So we sat down and dug into our lunch. They had a range of sauces available – chilli, soy, which you can help yourself to, but I was happy to enjoy it as is and it was tasty. A decent amount of good quality chicken and an ample serving of fried rice. Across the table the curry was getting two thumbs up and Miss She-ra was already contemplating what she would have on a return visit. For a cheap and cheerful lunch option, we now new somewhere close to work where we could head.

On finishing our meal we wandered around the complex to see what else was on offer and we happened across another place I was keen to visit , Theobroma – Chocolate Lounge. Theobroma is the “Total Food and Beverage Concept” offering consumers a wide variety of chocolates, Food, hot and cold chocolate beverages, chocolate desserts, melted chocolate dips and other variations of chocolate.

Despite our filling chicken lunches we had a little room left for a chocolate frappe and our orders were placed – one dark chocolate and one milk. They didn’t take too long too arrive and we sat and savoured the rich chocolatey goodness of our chosen beverages. Decadently delightful and I knew they would keep me going for the rest of the afternoon. They definitely ticked the indulgent box 

So it had been a very successful first visit to Waterford Plaza and I’ll admit that as we wandered back to the car and passed so many other tasty looking places that I couldn’t wait to head back!

Spoilt for choice Curtin students – you lucky ducks 🙂

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