Yallingup Adventure – Bush Shack Brewery and Beaufort St Merchant Hampers

GG can be a tough fellow to buy a birthday present for, so this year I decided instead of finding a ‘thing’ to buy for him, it would be nice to whisk him away. So way back in December I had seen this special rate for accommodation at Smith’s Beach Resort, which just looked lovely, so I locked in a 3 night stay for us. I had intended to keep this a secret until his birthday but as it turns out I wanted to tell him all about it, so I think I maybe held out until mid January!

Finally the day rolled around and since we had dinner booked in Yallingup for that night we decided that we would pack a picnic and stop somewhere on the drive down to eat it. Was a fairly hectic week in the lead up to our long weekend so in an effort to make life easier I decided to order a picnic pack for us to take with us. Someone had recently told me about a great hamper they’d had from Beaufort St Merchant (Gourmet Hamper – $99), so I placed an order for a Friday morning pick up so that we could grab it on the way through.

We arrived and ordered ourselves a coffee as we waited for our hamper to be put together. Very nice coffee. Opted for a soy latte. Don’t always but I quite like the flavour of soy in my coffee from time to time. There was quite a pumping breakfast crowd for a Friday morning. Had me wishing I was a lady of leisure and could breakfast during the week more often.

Soon enough though we were presented with our hessian carry bags and packed them into the car and headed south.


Prior to leaving I had seen online that you could take your own food along to Bush Shack Brewery so that was our lunching destination. At Bush Shack they “specialise in great tasting, all natural, unfiltered brews and flavoured alcoholic beverages”.



Our road trip playlist kept us entertained and soon enough we were there. We’d been to Bush Shack many years before but I’m a fan of their creative range of beers and on finding a table inside we first went up to order a flight of beers. This gave us the opportunity to sample 6 different varieties.

We went for

Chilli Beer – Classic Australian bitter. Medium amber colour with a mild chilli bite
Twisted Lemon Larger – Australian dry pale ale, made with lemon and honey. A crisp refreshing finish
Chocolate Beer – English style brown ale with savoury chocolate aroma and taste
Scream’n Cream’n – Creamy alcoholic soda with raspberry and vanilla flavours
Pear Cider – All natural and unfiltered that’s fruity and spritzy
Dark Roast Wheat Beer – Made with 100% wheat grains. Dark amber colour with coffee like flavours


We look careful sips of each and then ordered them as to our favourite. Screamin Creamin is a wine based drink and is dangerously easy drinking. I think you could convince yourself that it was actually non-alcoholic until you had knocked off a few and then you’d definitely know about it. Very nice drink. I think I actually liked the freshness of the lemon beer next and the spicy finish of the chilli beer. The chocolate was perhaps the only one I didn’t love. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate but in beer form, not my favourite.

As our attention turned to food I was glad that we had opted for a larger table! As we started to unpack our picnic it really seemed to be an endless collection of plastic containers, each filled with some delicious fare. It was a really impressive line up


Roza’s Chorizo

Jamon Seranno Prosciutto (this replaced Smoked Fillet of Tasmanian Ocean Trout)

Freshly Baked Bread


Merchant Meatballs with Basil and Tomato Passata


Pistachio and Herb Crusted Lamb Cutlets


Quinoa, Goats Curd and Roasted Beetroot Salad

Lingot d’Argnetal Triple Cream Brie
Merchant Brownie


Sparkling water

And to really make the experience effortless for us, they also included cutlery, plates, cups, napkins and even some tea light candles to set the mood. We didn’t tackle the cheese or desserts while we were there, just sticking to the savouries. Talk about yum!! The meatballs had so much flavour and dunking the fresh bread in the passata was fab! Can’t go wrong with chorizo and I loved the quinoa salad with its creamy goats curd. Plus the lamb cutlets were pretty amazing and got two thumbs up from my favourite meat lover.

It was a perfect little picnic and we still had dessert to enjoy later – many thanks Beaufort St Merchant! Given the high quality of all the food and the fact that everything you needed was included, the price seemed very reasonable. Plus it was made all the more special with the creative bevvies we had to go along with it.

You can order food at Bush Shack Brewery and from what we could see being brought to others from the kitchen it did look good. It’s definitely worth the detour to Bush Shack on the drive from Dunsborough to Yallingup. There’s even a sandpit playground to keep the kids entertained, plus a pool table, lawn bocce and an outdoor chess set for the big kids 🙂

So our long weekend away had kicked off with a bang and we were ready to check into Smith’s Beach Resort.

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  1. sounds great! i always love giving gifts that are experiences rather than “things”, it’s a great day to have shared together. I’m keen to get another trip to Bush Shack soon. If you’re keen to try an excellent chocolate beer try Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, you might love it!

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