Eat Drink Blog #EDB13

Eat Drink Blog was held in Perth on November 9th and 10th. I had been meaning to write a blog about it ever since that time, but as often can be the case my blogging ambitions are thwarted by other things….. work, exercise, just life in general I suppose. But I am ok with it. The line up of topics covered at EDB13 was well considered and entirely engaging for the passionate foodie crowd they had assembled. And on the food front the very generous sponsors ensured that no one went hungry, believe me there was no chance of being hungry! At every break there was an impressive array of amazing food on offer and I believe I put a respectable dent in sampling as much possible. Breakfast was a delicious range of pastry treats from Jean Pierre Sanchos and yoghurts from Brownes Dairy, their West N Fresh range. I’ll admit my initial focus was definitely on something caffeinated from the wonderful team from Five Senses Coffee. While breakfast had put a dent in any hunger it was virtually impossible to decline given it came courtesy of Littlesweet Baking – amazing! Lunch was a decadent spread put on by European food and to round out proceedings were some choice gluten free treats by the lovely Red Hot Spatula. It was all very indulgent. I’m very grateful for all the hard work of the EDB13 committee in putting together such an incredible event and also for extending me an invitation so I could be a part of it.

It was very special to spend some quality time with a group of people who share the common passion of loving food and who have made the decision to share their foodie experiences, whether that be recipes or restaurant visits, in the social media space. And what I really enjoy about blogging is that while we might all have food blogs, everyone’s is different. Their reason for having one, what they cover in it, how long they’ve been blogging – it’s all so varied and it’s a personal decision why you have a blog.

For me it’s my creative outlet. I work in finance and I really enjoy my day job but finance is quite a black and white field, so for me my blog is my splash of colour, my rainbow. I started it because I wanted to share my experiences of eating out in and around Perth. And I thoroughly enjoy tapping out a blog post. I multi task when we are watching TV in the evenings with a glass of wine in hand and I recall the magic of a recent meal out. As much as I enjoy the experience though I came away from EDB13 knowing that I don’t aspire to make my blog my career. I like my current job but I appreciate having my blog so that I can indulge in a more creative pursuit when time allows. I am grateful for heading to EDB13 to clarify this thinking in my mind.

So many creative and friendly people, so much amazing food, so much inspiration about the importance of supporting local – it was an entirely memorable weekend and to all that made it happen, a big thank you!


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