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I often debate which I love more, burgers or pizza. I think at the end of the day I know that my appreciation for them both is by and large equally placed. Any day of the week if the offer was out there for either I would lock it in. Now the pendulum swung towards burgers last Sunday when a catch up was lined up with a fellow my GG used to work with, Ladsie L and his lady Miss A. Ok, ok I’ll admit that it was my suggestion that we head to BB a pop up on Beaufort Street because I had wanted to go there ever since I had seen a picture of their brioche buns. Ahh brioche, what a freakin wonder.



So GG and I arrived first last Sunday and the short wait gave us a chance to take in our surrounding, once we had decided on our table. Very cool fit out. The walls are plastered with band and comedian posters, who are soon to be touring in Perth, which reminded me of Globe Coffee Shop back in the day, before it switched to Cantina 663. It comes complete with fuse ball table too for those with a competitive streak.



I had perhaps studied the menu before I arrived so I had a short list of which burger I was going to order. Ummm….. ahhhh…. But which one do I pick?! Soon enough our dining companions had arrived and we turned the menus over to them to make the lunching decisions. They had been out clubbing the night before til the wee hours. Bless. This old chook couldn’t tell you the last time she’d clubbed. I enjoyed my sleep too much for that 🙂

But they were very well placed despite the minimal sleep and quick as a cat had decided on what they would order. I had decided on the USA ($14, Beef, melted cheddar, pickles, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche) and a Monteith’s Cider. I’d chosen that burger mainly because it had no mayo, I’ve never been a mayo fan. It had ketchup and mustard and pickles but it basically a flashy cheese burger and that sounded like total perfection to me. GG and I also ordered a side of the slaw and the fries to share, basically because I decided I was starting and it’s nice to try as much of a menu as you can.

Around the table the orders were varied. GG went for the Boss (not surprised 🙂 $15, Beef, bacon, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, smoky BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche), Ladsie L went for the Sherlock ($13.50 – Beef, cheese, BB’s smoky mayo, BB’s relish, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche and Miss A the Le Beaufort ($15.50 – Beef, brie, mushrooms, BB’s dill & horseradish mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, brioche), which did sound amazing with the inclusion of brie!

You head up to the counter to order and are then given a table number. Check out ours – super cute!


The drinks arrived in snappy fashion and I was reminded how much I enjoy cider. Refreshing and wonderful and Monteith’s do a stellar job with theirs.


The food followed not long after and the burgers were literally a vision when they arrived. Those buns – shiny and a little charred from being warmed during assembly. Now as much as I would wax lyrical about the sublime joy that is brioche, for me the real test of a burger is the patty. So let me begin. It was a nice thick patty, still a little pink on the inside and full of flavour. It was a juicy wonder, that’s what it was! The salad was brilliantly crispy and the real winner for me was that the pickle. It was actual pickles that had been cut length wise into thin slices. Oh the divine delight and pickle fans rejoiced. The element of dill infused crunch, along with the perfect patty and that brioche bun and the main thing on my mind was why oh why had it taken me so long to get here!


The sides were great too, shoe string fries are always very easy eating, the bowl seemed to disappear in a flash and the slaw was nice and refreshing and I liked that it included red and green cabbage, added a nice splash of colour.


Around the table there were equally pleased murmurs of yum from my dining companions. The burgers were clearly a big hit. By the time everyone’s plates were clean I was already planning my return visit.


If you love the burgers then definitely schedule a visit to BB a pop up some time soon 🙂

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