The Subiaco Hotel – refurbed & revamped

Many millions of dollars have been spent to give the Subiaco Hotel its long awaited and highly anticipated facelift. It’s been close to 18 months in the making and owners, Judy and Michael Monaghan, who have had the venue since 1971 are understandably excited!
The doors to their flashed up venue swung open on Friday so that eager guests could check out all the hard work. There’s a new outdoor rooftop deck resplendent with pots of bright yellow flowers, a stylish mezzanine where you can overlook all the action on the ground floor and in the main bar and then there is the Stellar Lounge. You wander down a long corridor past many mysterious closed doors and then before you know it there is a candlelit entrance to this fabulous new bar. It’s a really great space. Intimate, dimly lit and more than a little bit grown up, which I’m all for, now that I well, am one. A grown up that is 🙂 It all worked a treat.
Roof Deck
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Stellar Lounge
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The whole place has quite a sophisticated feel to it and the venue feels very spacious. I’ve long been a fan of the Subi Hotel and I think with the added glam factor of the new function spaces it just adds an extra element of fabulous. As the owner himself was quoted in the West, “It was blatantly obvious the building was getting shabbier and shabbier,” said Mr Monaghan, “But looking around now, I don’t think there’s a better suburban hotel“. Big call perhaps, but hard to argue. The place is looking the goods!
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Thanks for the invitation to check out the jazzed up digs, looking forward to heading back soon for dinner, because all the tasty canapés I sampled on the night were delicious! The arancini were my favourite….. I actually ate them before I took a photo, they were that good. Pumpkin flavour and topped with this amazing pesto. Delicious! The Subi is an institution for a reason. Give this refurb a whirl.

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