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Eating healthy isn’t always easy. If you really want to be very focused with it and have specific goals in mind then a big part of it can involve planning and advance preparation. Now given I share a fair few photos of what I eat, it’s pretty clear I would never profess to be a strictly healthy eater. I love food,  I just love it to bits, though despite being someone who favours the occasional lavish meal out, when GG and I eat at home it is pretty healthy fare. Dinner I find easy enough to sort, but sometimes lunch can be a challenge. I do try to be prepared and I stock the work freezer with soup or try to bring in leftovers, but still there’s usually at least one day a week when I find myself wandering down the road to IGA on the hunt for lunch or to a nearby cafe for a salad or roll.
It is always nice to have lunch options and I was recently introduced to another one and a healthy one at that! Momentum Lifestyles are an East Perth based personal training pair that have turned their attention to the importance of diet along with exercise. As you can learn on their website ‘Extreme fitness results take 30% dedication to your fitness and 70% dedication to your nutrition.’ And it’s interesting to know this because a lot of the time with weight loss ambitions, there is a lot of focus on the exercise side of things, but there is no denying that what you are actually eating does play a really big part. So what the Momentum Lifestyles team is looking to do is make the nutrition side of the equation that much easier with their Momentum Meals.
Momentum Meals are a specially designed range of gourmet, ready to eat meals that are all portion controlled, made only using lean meat, are low in sodium, low in fat and perfectly balanced.
The talented team from Momentum Lifestyles have created five different meals which you can opt to have either with brown rice and green vegetables or sweet potato and green vegetables, so really that’s like ten different meals J
The line-up is:
1.    Moroccan Chicken
2.    Dijon Beef
3.    Mild Spiced Lemon Barramundi
4.    Salmon Infused Lemon and Garlic
5.    Lemon Myrtle Turkey
And along with your choice of brown rice or sweet potato, there are also size options to consider too. There is either the lean range or the ‘monsta’ range.
The Momentum Meal ‘Lean’ range consists of specialised clean eating meals catering for health conscious people around Perth.
The Momentum Meal ‘Monsta’ range was created specifically for Perth bodybuilders, trainers and fitness fanatics focused on muscle gain.
I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Jerome Felix, one part of the two man team that is Momentum Lifestyles. Such a lovely fellow and so incredibly passionate about his job as a personal trainer. I asked him what he liked about being a personal trainer and it was so wonderful to hear how much he enjoyed the chance to be a part of someone’s fitness journey. The real opportunity to get involved in helping them change their life for the better. And Jerome has long been honing his healthy cooking skills. As I found out, the Momentum Meals journey actually started in his kitchen. He had been cooking healthy meals for himself and a few friends and before he knew it, it was time for the next step because the demand meant there wasn’t the room in his kitchen for all the meals he needed to make!
So they recently took the next step in working with a commercial kitchen to get their frozen meals manufactured on a larger scale. It was a big move and a lot of work was done to ensure that they balanced out all the healthy requirements of the meals, while still ensuring they had some nice flavours. Currently you can purchase their meals from their gym in East Perth, where they have a fully stocked freezer on site for all your healthy eating needs.
We understand that preparing healthy meals on your own can feel like a part time job in itself, that’s why the Momentum Lifestyles team have combined our skills and knowledge to take your fitness further.
We understand our clients needs are unique, so we offer a selection of different meal sizes, in a variety of different proteins to accommodate for special dietary requirements. We are focused on creating delicious food for all tastes and developing meal plans personalised to our clients fitness goals. If you would like to gain muscle, burn fat or just maintain a healthy weight Momentum Lifestyles can help you!
So what are they like? Recently I was given three of the meals from the lean range to sample – the chicken, beef and turkey. It was going to be an exciting three days of lunches at work and it’s quite a lovely thought, knowing that someone else has done all the hard yards in cooking a meal for you that has also been carefully considered in terms of the fats, protein and carbohydrates content.   
The Momentum Meals’ ‘Lean’ range consists of gourmet, clean eating meals catering for Perth’s health savvy. Our Lean range has been specifically designed for people who want to drop body fat- fast! Whilst still maintaining muscle size. Stuck at your desk for lunch? This meal size allows those in the busy corporate world to eat a low fat, home cooked meals on the go, keeping you fuller for longer.
The first one I tried was the Moroccan Chicken with Brown Rice and Green Vegetables. What struck me as soon as I removed the plastic lid was that it was actually real pieces of chicken! That may sound like a strange comment, but I’ve tried other frozen meals in the past and the chicken seems more like a chicken loaf, sliced into identical little pieces. I loved that you knew it was real chook! It was time to pop it in the microwave. In a matter of minutes you have yourself a piping hot lunch. I thought it was great that they included a disc of herbs, that once defrosted, could be stirred through the vegies and the brown rice to add some lovely herby flavour. As an introduction to the Momentum Meals, the Moroccan Chicken made for a tasty debut. The veg were a real vibrant green and still had some crunch, which was excellent and I thought the spice that the chicken had been marinated in worked really well too. Size wise I did find it quite a filling lunch, after I’d polished off all the brown rice and tender pieces of chook. I was looking forward to trying out another one the next day!
Decisions, decisions as I looked in the freezer on day two and my second choice was the Dijon Beef with Sweet Potato and Green Vegetables. I’ll admit that generally speaking I am not a huge fan of mustard as a seasoning as it can be quite overpowering, so I was interested to see what I thought of this meal. The meal has a punchy orange splash from the mashed sweet potato and again nice green vegies and accompanying herb infusion. I was pleasantly surprised with the meal. The mustard flavour was present, but for me was pleasingly mild and it was actually a really nice addition to the tender beef strips. And the mustardy sauce also paired well with the sweetness from the, you guessed it, sweet potato. And again, crunch, crunch, crunch from the broccoli. It was another tasty and filling lunch and as easy as popping it in the microwave to get it ready.
My final meal was the Lemon Myrtle Turkey with Brown Rice and Green Vegetables. I was really interested to see how this meal would taste, mainly because I hadn’t used lemon myrtle as a seasoning before and my only real experience with turkey mince was when I use it to make turkey burgers. And I do enjoy it. Being three days in, I was now better placed in terms of my expectations for the vegie and rice component so the star on day three was going to be the turkey. And it really was. Lemon Myrtle as it turns out is a wonderfully fragrant herb and a real Aussie addition to the dish. I really liked it. It actually worked a treat mixing the mince through the brown rice, along with the other herbs and it made it all very flavoursome.
I’d actually say that in terms of my favourite of the three it was a pretty close battle between the chicken and the turkey, but all three were tasty and filling! It was just so convenient to have three meals ready and waiting to be heated, sitting there in the freezer when lunchtime rolled around.
The Momentum Lifestyles team have done a great job in creating some healthy meals, which still have flavour (because let’s face it, that can sometimes be difficult with no butter and not much salt!). The price of the meals start from $12.50, which seems pretty reasonable to me given I’d probably spend around that if I visit the supermarket or a café for a roll. They have taken care of all the shopping, the preparation, the cooking and ensure that what you are eating is healthy and balanced.
So if you are looking for a healthy and convenient lunch, or even want some easy dinner options at the ready if you don’t fancy cooking after work, then head on over to the Momentum Lifestyles website for all the details. Plus if you keep an eye on their Facebook page, they’ll keep you up to date with any of their future plans too and they even have a competition running until Wednesday, September 17th to win some of their Momentum Meals!
I really enjoy the chance to get to speak to passionate people, who are doing something that they love in an effort to benefit others. And foodie endeavours always seem to resonate the loudest for me.
Thank you to Jerome and the Momentum Lifestyles team for the chance to try their tasty meals. I enjoyed the chance to Train Mean and Eat Clean! J

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