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 I’m guessing it is pretty apparent from my recent announcements on social media that my office has moved. We’ve shifted from Mt Pleasant, which as the name suggests was pleasant enough and have packed up shop and moved into the big city. To say I was excited about the move would be something of an understatement. Yes it would be a change no longer driving, but two days in and public transport doesn’t seem too bad. Not with some choice tunes in your ears. The real appeal to me of a shift to the city was the food. Oh the glorious food! Thinking of all those varied and delicious lunch options literally made my head spin! The temptation to just buy something every single day, like an indulgent culinary adventure is going to be great but I will try to exercise some restraint and bring my lunch in when possible. This worked on the first day but on day two I just had to finally pay a visit to a place I’d been admiring pictures of since I first heard they were opening – I was going to get to meet Meat Me In The City. I happily wandered down the Terrace and into Trinity Arcade where I knew they were located. I was keen to arrive early because I had heard rumours about the massive crowds and long lines they were pulling. The stellar praise they had heaped on them by Rod Broadfield would have done nothing to reduce those crowds, so I set off from the office at 11.45 because I would have been fairly devastated to have my first lunch outing thwarted.



Meat Me In The City is serving up American style BBQ for weekday lunches, as well as having a butcher on site. A butcher that allows you to place orders online and pick up on your way home. Talk about convenience plus! But it wasn’t the butcher side I was interested in this fine lunchtime. No, I had my eye on the Mothership. An epic creation with a mountain of pulled pork and smoky BBQ mayo served on a pretzel roll and with a side of slaw. I thought the $9 price tag was very reasonable. When presented with my meal I suspected it would definitely fill me up.

Despite reports of the big crowds, my early start had put me in good stead and I took my plate back to an empty table to tuck in! I started with the slaw and it was a vibrant two tone cabbage affair that packed plenty of crunch. It was quite a sweet style dressing, which I didn’t mind and they had also sprinkled through some caraway seeds (I think they were caraway) which have a really interesting flavour.



Time for the main event though and I prepared to take my first eager bite of the roll. I took a moment of pause to appreciate the wonder of it though. The stack of juicy shredded pork, lathered in BBQ mayo and it tasted even better than it looked! Slow cooking adds such a lovely depth of flavour to the pork and it was just so tender. I enjoyed the smoky flavour of the mayo with the pork too. I’m not usually a big mayo fan, but they had dolloped on just the right amount. And the pretzel bun was an interesting inclusion. Slightly denser and with a pleasing saltiness, it added something different, flavourwise, than your usual plain white bun. All the components had been carefully considered and the end result, the Mothership, was a total winner. I had been eyeing off this exact dish on Facebook and Instagram and now that I finally had the chance to try it myself, it totally lived up to expectations. I thought it was very reasonably priced given their generosity with the meat and I can appreciate why this new addition has such burgeoning popularity with the city set.


I happily wandered back to the office so pleased that the first leg of my city-work-lunch-eating adventures had gotten off to such a flyer.

So keep Meat Me In The City in mind next time you are chasing something of the BBQ persuasion for lunch or perhaps if you are off to a BBQ after work because they have got you covered. I mean just look at this menu! I can’t wait to try another one.

Perth City….good to be working here . And now decisions decisions….where to next?

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  1. A great first choice! This feeling of freedom after moving to the city is very familiar to me – after a bit of exploring mama tran and moana have become my favourites for a quick lunchtime treat

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