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I enjoy dessert. That amazing smell of a freshly baked cake; eagerly dipping a spoon into a rich, silky chocolate mousse; watching ice-cream indulgently melt onto a warm pie, these are things of joy to me. They make me happy. And I know that things of the sweet persuasion are not necessary every day foods, but hey they have their place. Life is way too short to not partake in a sweet treat from time to time. But that is my humble opinion. I’m very much pro balance, salad for breakfast and donuts for dinner, or something like that 🙂

Now if you are looking to indulgence that sweet tooth, then Koko Black recently launched their Oasis Summer Dessert Range and these two menu items would definitely fit the bill for a little sweet perfection. Let me introduce the Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular ($9.50) and the Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate ($8.50).


It was a Friday when I decided that dessert for lunch would be the way to go.  It was my first visit to the CBD Koko Black salon and it is similarly as slick in appearance to the Claremont one, albeit slightly bigger I would say. Modern and well lit, but still incredibly welcoming, given the smiling faces of all the friendly staff.

Lady T, my stylish lunching companion, and I perched at a corner table near the window so we could people watch while we enjoyed our special lunch. Both of the new Summer desserts presented beautifully. I may have actually squealed with delight and clapped a little when they appeared. The iced chocolate came with two generous scoops of ice cream, sprinkled with an abundance of chocolate flakes and the glass had been dramatically streaked with beautiful, golden salted caramel. It was hard to know whether to attack it with a straw or a spoon.  So we kicked things off with a straw and it was just so wonderfully rich, but pleasingly not overly sweet. It was a big kid’s chocolate milk, with the added luxury of the ice-cream and that lovely salted caramel, so yes, the spoon was also required. It was a meal in itself and I was glad to be sharing so there was still room for the second summer sensation.

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And the second dish really was very pretty with its perfect spheres of vanilla bean ice-cream with the artistic biscuit shard and the dainty jug of mango coulis ready to be poured on. And pour we did. Perhaps we were a little liberal, but I tell you if you tried that mango sauce you wouldn’t have wanted to waste a drop. I would go so far as to saw it was the sauce of summer. Just so tropical and fruity and fresh. A little of the ice cream, some of the crunchy caramelised coconut crumble  and a whole lot of that mango coulis and much like the name of the dish suggested it was indeed spectacular. They have really captured summer with this dessert.

Super hard to pick a favourite between the two, I would probably sway slightly towards the Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular, just because I really love mango, but my ultimate advice would be to go in a pair and share so you don’t have to decide! Best of both worlds. Or another option would be to arrive hungry, have both to yourself and really satisfy your sweet cravings for a month and you’ll be set! Bravo Koko Black and thanks for the chance to indulgence.

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