Myattsfield Vineyards – The Art of Blending

The Perth Hills are a beautiful place and not one I’ve spent nearly enough time exploring in recent years. So many hidden gems, including some wonderful wineries and I love wine so I don’t really understand why it had taken me so long to start my Perth hills exploration. But here we now, so let’s explore! The adventure was to begin at Myattsfield Vineyards. An entirely picturesque winery with rolling green vines and white and red rose bushes in full bloom, with the brilliant blue skies it was quite a spring vision.

MyattsField Vineyards are well known for their innovative approach to winemaking, always on the look out for interesting parcels of fruit. 

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We were here on a mission, it was education time are we were going to be schooled in the art of red wine blending. I had clearly been overly confident about my abilities and was fair convinced I would excel at this new challenge. As I soon learnt I should probably stick to drinking wine because my blending skills left a lot to be desired. But goodness it was fun.


We had five different red wines to work – Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mouvedre and a varietal that was completely new to me and hailed from Portugal – the Touriga Nacional. As we learnt each type had its strengths and weakness and flavour profile and adding the right balance would create magic. So off we set – sampling each and then working out what proportion of each we would like to try mixing.

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My first attempt I was aiming for spicy, heavy of the Mouvedre and Touriga Nacional, but ended up with fairly sweet, didn’t have the right balance at all. Back to the drawing board. And my second effort still didn’t hit the mark! Finding the right blend of this and that to make a red wine lush and well rounded and a supreme pleasure to drink was clearly going to take some practise.


Once we were all finally happy with our blends we got to upscale and make a whole bottle to take home. It was so fun! Slap on a label and we were set! Just like a real winemaker for a morning. I thought a frenched up ‘I love the red’ would work a treat for my creation and with a press of a few buttons our bottles were capped and sealed.

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As we then progressed to the veranda to celebrate our hard work that morning with some delicious cheese I reflected on my gratitude to all the skilled winemakers whose wine I enjoy on a regular basis. It takes talent, practise and a flair for the creative to craft a beautiful bottle of wine and I thank you all for your efforts.


My thanks also to Myattsfield for the invitation to this class. It was an informative and interesting way to spend a morning and while I’m not sure I’m quite ready to go pro with my blending just yet, it was fun to make my foray into that space. Cheers from this wannabe winemaker!

Keep an eye on the Myattsfield Facebook page and sign up for their newsletter for details of future classes.


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