Farm2Fork at PLC Perth

In its second year now Farm2Fork is an event held at PLC Perth to raise funds for their boarding students. It is a celebration of WA food, giving people an opportunity to sample delicious dishes and actually speak to the producers and learn more about their story. I was invited to attend and was really looking forward to it because I’m all for attention being turned to our hard working West Aussie farmers.

Farm2Fork at PLC Perth

Ticket prices included all food so you could happily wander from stall to stall and try absolutely everything, which was lovely! Whilst crowd numbers were healthy it was a well chosen space so it didn’t feel cramped and there was plenty of seating. Tables were adorned with pretty blooms and the colourful heirlooms pumpkins of Warren Grange Fresh Produce, which as perfect for decorations as they are for eating.

We started our food exploration with Aaron Chef, the guest chef in attendance. His new restaurant Yarri in Dunsborough has been receiving excellent reviews and I hadn’t had an opportunity to visit, so was pleased to get a sneak peak of some of these dishes here.

Yarri’s cuisine reflects the six seasons of Western Australia’s Nyungar people and country. Ingredients are sustainably sourced from the land and from small producers based in WA.

Such a polished look to each of the tasty morsels on offer and some great bold flavours. Loved the contrasting sweetness from that burnt pumpkin and the salty goodness of the miso and crunchy black seaweed cracker.

  • Burnt pumpkin, miso, seaweed cracker and togerashi
  • Fremantle sardines, tomato, olive, focaccia

From there it was time to enjoy some seafood and what a tempting array they had on offer! Hard to know where to start! The event had an army of volunteers preparing all the dishes – teachers, parents, even students and they did a seriously outstanding job.

The zesty ceviche was divine, it melted in the mouth and presented beautifully on the dramatic black crackers. It was a lovely octopus dish too. It isn’t always my favourite seafood, but this was tender, great char and the other elements made it a really interesting dish. The scallops looked sensational in their half-shell, all kinds of glam, best way to serve them I think, and were perfectly cooked. Then those prawns, I loved them, they literally rocked my world. I called it early as my favourite dish and it held…. I returned, a fair few times for more of those.

  • Goldband snapper ceviche, avocado, salsa, squid ink tapioca
  • Chargrilled octopus, green hummus, pickled onion, legume flowers
  • Point Samson Banana Prawns with grapefruit chermoula
  • Shark Bay scallops, pickled radish, ginger sorbet, buttermilk, nasturtium oil, boab nut dust

The event went from 5.30pm til 9.30pm so there was no rush and it made for a delightfully leisurely pace. Talented students lent their musical stylings and kept folks happily entertained. Organisers wanted people to have time to have that conversation with those adorned with the “star producer” badges and hear more about their story. Learn about the journey of the food getting to your plate, because it is important and there’s always a lot of hard work behind it. I’ve long been a fan of Warren Grange so it was lovely to get the chance to have a chat with owner, Rick, and hear more about what  is coming up for the season ahead….. seriously his tomatoes in summer, just amazing.

If you wandered into the inside hall there was dessert happening in one corner, but the rest of the stalls were meat central! They’d gotten creative too with how they showcased the various star local ingredients, check out some of the menu items below!

  • Crispy quinoa pig ears, nasturtium and caper tartare. (Three Farmers Quinoa is based in Narrogin and is the first quinoa processing facility in WA.)
  • Slow cooked lamb with citrus gremolata, Farmhand Foods Moroccan cous cous
  • Lamb belly fritters, goat tzatziki
  • Slow cooked beef shin with quinoa, garlic and parmesan
  • Spiced beef brisket, radish cream, pickled radish, baby cos

Hard to pick a favourite amongst this delicious dishes, but the lamb belly fritters were right up there. An indulgent amount of lamb slow cooked hidden within the crispy exterior – yum!

They also had a few very tempting sounding pork dishes, featuring award winning Black Label Berkshire Pork, which included both pork belly and some ribs. I didn’t actually made it around to try those, distracted by others, but when I saw other people with a plate of it wander past it looked very good!

It was particularly awesome to see the science teachers in charge of the dessert station, lab coats and all, plus a healthy amount of liquid nitrogen in the mix for some fun and dramatic flair. Also made for some wonderful nitro ice cream! Couldn’t go past the pannacotta and some of Warren Grange’s pumpkin too! It wasn’t overly sweet, which was nice, but had a pleasing amount of spice.

So all the while you happily wandered around and enjoy the food, you can also partake in one of the choice beverages from Silverstream Wines from Denmark or Lucky Bay Brewery I was particularly partial to their Pinot Noir.

Farm2Fork at PLC Perth

It was just a really enjoyable night. Outstanding food and an ample amount (I put away many of those prawns), pleasant entertainment and all in a lovely, relaxing setting. I would highly recommend that fellow fans of WA produce get along for next year’s instalment. I’ll see you there!


Please note I was the guest of PLC for this event. I thank them for having us along for such a special night.

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