Hinz Chinese Restaurant

GG and I decided that as a special treat for running the 8km around the block that we’d head out to lunch on Sunday and try our luck at Yum Cha again.
We visited the same place as last time in Northbridge for some tasty treat. I loved that the bowl of chilli they gave us seemed to have a red glow – a warning of how hot it would be perhaps?
Luckily though we had some delicious Chinese tea on hand in case things got too spicy
First up we got some tasty pork steamed buns with a sweet and sour sauce – very nice
GG got this jelly, coconut milk creation…. not quite my cup of tea, but he seemed to enjoy the rainbow
I went for a watermelon juice – a bit more tame
Then we got these little prawn parcels – they weren’t too bad, bit too prawny tasting though
We also got some steamed greens which were delicious!!
As was the squid
These little prawn and chive dumplings were super tasty!
All in all a very nice lunch – always something different to try 🙂

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