Chicken and Mushroom Pie

One of GG and my favourite purchases is the Margaret Fulton food encyclopedia, its very extensive, with hundreds and thousands of recipe ideas.
So GG decided he wanted to try out the chicken and mushroom pie recipe. Mushrooms – yummo
So it was quite a long process, and you had to make chicken stock from scratch, with involves simmering a whole chook for an hour with a few vegies

Made the house smell like soup

Oh this is an aside to the recipe, but I was eating gummy bears – bouncing here and there and everywhere

So once the chook was cooked you had to take all the meat off it

GG hard at work

Then the bones went back in the stock for a little longer

Then the puff pastry went on top of the chicken, mushroom, stock and cream mix

And I didn’t know but GG had put my name on top! The Carly pie!

What a sweetie!

Mmmmm all golden brown and ready for eating

It was super tasty! Really delicious – thanks GG!

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