Christmas in July 2010

Was great to have some cousins around and try my hand at a Christmas in July dinner. Leonards chicken lent a hand and I picked up two of their chicken mini roasts, with herb and garlic stuffing. Super easy to cook is a massive bonus.
I finally got to use some of the Christmas plates I had bought in April and had been waiting to use in December this year.
The spuds were nice and were a tribute to “J’dore Cuisiner” – spuds with garlic and rosemary
And then I got super carried away for dessert – ganache tarts (from Masterchef) and the brandy snaps with triple sec creme and shapes made out of chocolate, and a strawberry is always nice.
Many moons ago I tried to make brandy snaps with my cousin Mark. We were young and crazy and we didn’t have much luck. But with Mark coming around for tea I thought it was worthwhile giving it another go.
I followed the recipe (off very closely…. its got a lovely smell

Was tricky business curling them onto the spoon handles but I got there 🙂

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