Let’s face it, it’s not good for you. It’s an indulgence, a sometimes not an all the time food, but every blue moon – Dominos pizza really hits the spot. One of these times was the day before Australia Day, when my office decided we’d put on pizza for lunch courtesy of the social club. Now with online ordering this is a delightfully simple process – look at the menu, pick your pizza type, select your crust and then pick the time you want it delivered. It’s a wonder we don’t have it more often!

There were 15 of us in the office that day so the 13 pizzas proved more than ample, especially with the few loaves of garlic bread for good measure. The hardest decision really was which ones to have a slice of. I was particularly partial to the thin and crispy Hawaiian, though the Toni Pepperoni with bbq sauce was fairly delicious too, and its hard to go past old classics like Supreme.

These days I always tend to make my pizzas at home, but Dominos does still have its place and for the price they do well.

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