Happy 1st Birthday to The Laneway Lounge

Many new bars have opened up in Perth over the last year or so and one that I’ve ventured to that has its own distinct jazz inspired flair is The Laneway Lounge. I went there for dinner a while back and fell in love with their fatty chips with truffle aioli (just simply divine) and more recently went to a work function where I got to sample their canapés. They were as creative as they were delicious! So when an invitation came through to join them in celebrating their first birthday I was more than a little excited. It was actually a Pointer Sisters moment….. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Roll on July 17th I thought! 🙂


A hidden gem tucked in a laneway off Murray Street opposite Shafto Lane, The Laneway Lounge intends to enhance further the Perth bar scene evolution. The lounge is, without a doubt, a beauty; elegant and refined, like pieces of New Orleans and old Paris transported to the heart of Perth.

I think what became apparent as soon as GG and I arrived was that the Laneway Lounge crew know a thing or two about throwing a party. I mean check out the dessert buffet! A mountain of coloured iced cupcakes, dramatically peaked, deconstructed lemon meringue pies along with two decadent fountains of flowing chocolate, white and milk, choose your pleasure. Plus there was an abundance of marshmallows and other sweet treats to dip in the flowing chocolate goodness. It really ensured that before you’d even enjoyed a beverage you were buzzing from a sublime sugar high.

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But if you were feeling a little parched there were a few drink options floating around. Who was I kidding? It was a stellar line up of beverages for the big first birthday! It ranged from your traditional red, white and sparkling wine options, along with Trumer Pils on tap, which I am going to say is actually my favourite beer on tap (because of several pleasant long lunches at Amphoras where I first discovered the wonder of a chilled Trumers) and then they turned on the fancy. For those who like their gin, they could roll up to the Hendricks station, set up especially for the evening’s festivities. Or for those who preferred a martini, they could enjoy watching them being shaken and stirred by the talented bar tenders. And for those who liked to tried their hand at mixing up a creative concoction, they were able to head on up to the make your own stand. Well make your own to an extent. The two talented bar ladies threw something together for you – a splash of something fruity, a shot of this and that, gave it a shake and a stir and you’ve got yourself a cocktail! I wasn’t quite creative enough to think of what to add, so when a tray of very decorative cocktails at the ready came around I helped myself to one of the choc orange varieties. I quite liked all the sprinkles and the candles – so very festive!


So we enjoyed the fancy drinks and nibbled on the very delicious canapes that were being offered around. There were elegant morsels on spoons (like the prawn with kaffir lime dust), tasty bits and pieces on sticks (like the chicken, prosciutto and butternut squash or smoked salmon), classic oysters, even crumbed quail eggs! They are a classy bunch at Laneway Lounge! Even down to the chocolate cones and precious little chocolate tartlets for dessert….. along with that dessert buffet.


And then there was the music. They had Stratosfunk in the house! “Toe-tappin’ rhythms, soulful horns, power-house vocalists – retro dance moves and style to match” What an amazing band they are! They brought the groove in a massive way and I’ll be the first to admit that I may well have brought my dancing shoes with me. I do so looooove to dance 🙂

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Such an incredible night. It did make for a slightly long day in the office on Friday, but this Cinderella has no regrets about not getting to bed til midnight. It was just so much fun! It’s a brilliant venue with a classy fit out, complete with elegant filament light arrangement, a fabulous selection of drinks and tasty canapés. Laneway Lounge you throw a hell of a party and I am so pleased I got to be a part of such an amazing night! My thanks!


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