The Stockman

One sunny Sunday afternoon GG and I jumped on the freeway and headed south for a visit to his parents in pictureque Serpentine. We’d called earlier to ask if they’d be able and after a slight delay because of some work on the freeway we arrived around 11ish. GG’s parents proposed that we take advantage of the Spring weather and drive around the corner to a cafe called The Stockman. It literally took about 2 minutes in the car from their place and from all accounts was a popular place, and you’d struggle to get a seat at dinner time. But lucky for us, at lunchtime on a Sunday we managed to get a table for four outside. It was warm, but not too much of a bother, and a few flys here and there but hey you get used to the Aussie wave as summer approaches.

It was a really cute cafe, a kitchy collection of old church pews and aged saddles on the walls…. its was the stockman after all I suppose 🙂










When we went to our tables we had taken menus with us and had a look through and on the recommendation of GG’s dad, who’d had it before, I went with the steak sandwich ($21.50), which came served with salad and chips. GG’s dad went with that again, while GG went for the chicken caesar salad ($17.50) and his mum for a toasted turkish bread with chicken and avocado, also with a side salad.

We were bought bottles of water from our very young, but surprisingly proficient waiter. And the turnaround for getting our meals wasn’t too bad. And they were very generous.

I minused the cheese off my steak sandwich and I was glad I did that. Made it slightly more manageable. It wasn’t a roll just two nice slices of toasted white bread, with plenty of caramelised onions, some fresh tomato and a little lettuce. I worked on my sandwich before I worried too much about the mountain of chips or the interesting looking salad….. interesting mainly because it had pomegranates scattered throughout. You just don’t see enough side salads with pomegranates. They are ruby red wonders!








The steak itself had been cooked well, still slightly pink and pleasingly tender. The only absence was perhaps some more sauce, either just a regular tomato sauce or perhaps a little relish. It didn’t matter too much though and that could well have just reflected my personal preference for something a little more saucy. The combination of ingredient was still a winner. After working my way through the bulk of the big sandwich I’m unconvinced that I made a respectable dent in the chips, but after finishing his caesar salad (which was said to be good) GG helped me with my stash of chips.








I enjoyed the salad. Salads always get bonus marks from me when they aren’t just lettuce. Cucumber, spanish onion, tomato and pomegrantes – its was fresh and crispy – very nice!

Cannot fault the Stockman for generousity and I’d imagine that stockmans wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

The food is honest and tasty and while a loooooooong drive from home, when we are in that area again (which I know we will be) I’d head back….. especially because on the dessert menu they had these dutch pancakes that sounded amazing!!! I’ll just have to remember on that visit to have a smaller meal so there’s more room for dessert 🙂

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