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Many moons ago I went to uni at Curtin in Bentley. I was there for four and a half years all up and I have such fond memories of my time there….. despite all those horrendous exams I had to get through J There’s just something about the whole uni lifestyle that is wonderful. Your days are devoted to study and work is just something you do on the side. Well that’s how I rolled anyways….. probably because I will still living at home and didn’t have to worry about rent and bills. It was delightfully cruisy really.

Now when I think back to my uni days, while the lovely people I met there are high on the list of things to make me smile, I often also find myself reminiscing about a certain food item. Enter the Chip Roll. I’m not sure how I ended up first having one. Was probably because it was fairly reasonably priced and we often hung around the courtyard near the tav. Anyways though, these Chip Rolls were a Curtin Tav institution. There was a food stand inside the Tav called called George’s Kebabs and  while I can’t say I have ever had one of their kebabs per se, I was just hooked on Chip Rolls.

Basically it’s a hot dog bun that has been toasted flat, then you get to choose your sauce, which for me was always just tomato sauce and then they jam in so, so many chips, sprinkle on some salt and carefully roll it all up for you. It is just sensational. So anyways I left uni….. hmmm when was it… back in June 2005 and ever since then I’ve wondered whether they still have Chip Rolls on the menu and would I ever have another?

Well as has been mentioned I work in Mt Pleasant now and the pleasant thing about Mt Pleasant is its proximity to one Curtin University. So I made the decision one day in late January to drive there and recapture the magic of a Chip Roll. Sure it was 36 degrees on this particular lunch time and sure it turned out to be O Day  when I rocked up, so there were plenty of excited youngsters for me to dodge, but as I pulled up and walked through the courtyard it was like time had frozen.

It was almost a surreal feeling as I stood there lining up for my Chip Roll. Those dreamy uni days just seemed a lifetime ago! Amazing how time just flies by…. Listen to me all nostalgic J Didn’t take too long and I was at the front, placing my order. The price had gone up slightly since I left and no, I didn’t have a Guild Card, but I knew it would be money well spent.

I walked back to my car with the precious cargo in hand and sat there with the air conditioner cranked and took my first bite. It had totally been worth braving the heat for this. The crispy bun with the ample serving of chips…….. magic! And with the added joy of the tomato sauce and salt – what a joy!

It was incredibly filling and I was just carbed to the brim when I had finished but I’m just so glad there are still making them. Happy days!

So as I drove back to work, I knew I probably wouldn’t get to have a Chip Roll again any time soon (car parking is a nightmare during semester!) but I’ve got some younger cousins who are starting at Curtin this year and I can only hope that that they start their love affair with the Chip Roll early so that can eat as many as possible during their studying days 🙂

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  1. Dear Lord – I used to eat these at Curtin too! Only, I went with the supersonic garlic sauce! Thanks for confirming they’re still made there – I will have to make a pilgrimage!
    (I bet they don’t cost $2.80 anymore though)!

  2. Dear Lord – I used to eat these at Curtin ca.1991-’93! Only, I went with the supersonic garlic sauce! Thanks for confirming they’re still made there – I will have to make a pilgrimage!
    (I bet they don’t cost $2.80 anymore though)!

  3. 🙂 – great post…..

    I started at Curtin in 90 and finally bailed out at the end of 98 – heaven forbid I even worked at George’s for awhile :). Best family to work for, cool staff to work with and best of all – great food and priced for students. I was a chip roll boy to begin with, but started playing around with their kebabs and was it worth it. If they still have them, get either a lamb or chicken kebab on a pita – garlic sauce with sour cream and the best bit – the George’s secret weapon of either fried eggplant or fried zucchini. Never would have thought how good that stuff was until I tried it.
    Anyways – thanks for posting about George’s. Great memories for all of us over the years; I’m visiting Perth tomorrow, might have to free up some time to go and be a bit nostalgic :).

  4. Garlic and tomato sauce for the win!!! I was also a 90’s student… going back again this year to pursue a second degree part time and the whole time the only thing I can think about is those chip rolls……..mmmmmmmm!!!

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