West End Deli

Honestly it was like eating in an oven……

It was Friday night and it been one of those days when as the sun went down the heat did just not seem to abate – you’d think living in Perth my whole life I would be used to this summer stretching into autumn caper…. But alas 40 degrees does not get any easier. GG and I had dinner booked in with M&M at West End Deli. I’d wanted to go to West End Deli for ages! I’d seen it mentioned in the paper and in other media and on looking at a map it really wasn’t far from home, what had taken me so long?

So dinner was booked in for 6.30pm and it was BYO so we arrived armed with some vino. On entering the cutsie café it became apparent that they did not have air conditioning. It was pretty darn hot inside.




The staff were apologetic about the temperature though and did make sure our water glasses were constantly refilled to ensure we were properly hydrated 🙂 Our friends arrived not long after us and we had a look over the menu….. we weren’t sure if we needed entrees, so just stuck to mains, but did order a serve of the onion rings with chicken liver parfait. I think the combination just intrigued us all a little. While we waited for our meals we were brought some freshly sliced bread, which was delicious, especially with a generous amount of butter, which was wonderfully spreadable – a silver lining to the heat 🙂

Now we’d been told that ordinarily the onion ring and parfait starter only came with two onion rings…… which I thought made it seem like an expensive $18 entree – 2 onion rings? So we asked if they could make it four, which they kindly obliged….. though I suspect they would have just charged us for two serves, but hey that’s fine. And when they arrived….they were big onion rings and I’m a big onion ring fan, however there’s something unglamorous to me about parfait smeared on a plate…. Even with the cornichons on top and the decorative microherbs. I did try the parfait and it was fine, its just really not my cup of tea.


We continued to sip on our vinos while we waited for our mains to arrive. It didn’t really take too long. Mrs M and GG both ordered the 300g Black Angus Skirt Steak, which came with a side serve of frites and bernaise sauce. Despite the small number of chips I snagged one of GG’s and I have to say that with a dunk in the bernaise sauce they were pretty fantastic!



Mr M had their organic chicken sandwich, with mushroom, thyme and bacon – which was kind of chicken sandwiched in more chicken.


I went for the Berkshire pork belly, crab curry, samp and beans and it was very, very tasty. I hadn’t actually known what samp was….. so I put my iphone to task and found out that “Samp is a food made of coarsely ground corn”. The things you can learn on your phone! And I liked samp and the combination of it, with the tender pork with the crab was just delicious.


All the mains cost $38 but with them each couple received a mixed green leaf salad and some vegies. The vegies was this delicious combination of fresh peas and broad beans and you wouldn’t think those two were that special together, but they really were! Couldn’t get enough.


We still had room for dessert so around the table two of us (myself and Mrs M) ordered the cheesecake, GG fancied the pannacotta with cornflakes and Mr M thought the jelly, sorbet, berry fruity one would work a treat, given the temperature.

Speaking of the temperature it had created a problem. The problem being that the freezer had packed it in so the sorbet and pannacotta desserts were out, so both fellas decided to just have the jelly along with a scoop of vanilla icecream. While this was nice enough, it wasn’t what they were after so was perhaps a little disappointing.


The same can’t be said for the two clever ladies who ordered the cheesecake. It looked so precious when it arrived in its little jar, complete with lid and then there was the tube on the side. It was full of delicious salted caramel – squeeze on top of the cheesecake – wowsers!! It was fabulous. Especially because there was also some popping candy sprinkled on top. Seriously fabulous dessert.


The food had been really good and the company were fabulous (as M&M always are), but I just couldn’t rush back in summer. Just so so hot. So my plan is to wait until the weather is a bit milder and head back then 🙂

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