The Classroom – revisited!

It had been way too long since I last visited The Classroom so when I noticed on facebook that they had a new menu out it was the inspiration I needed to finally lock in visit. So Saturday lunchtime rolled around and GG and I set off for North Perth.

It had been a while, but I still smiled on walking in to see the familiar school room set up, plus there were a few new additions. We set ourselves up at some of the wooden desk and were particularly lucky that at a lunchtime you can even get table service – how lovely. Definitely a different story on some of their busy evenings, but either way works.

So the friendly staff highlighted the new menu items for us and with a glass of wine each ordered we reviewed the tasty options and carefully considered what to have. We ended up choosing 3 of the newbies, plus one of the old classics that we’d yet to try.

the classroom

Has a wonderful chilled vibe on a weekend at lunchtime, with an electic mix of tunes on, while Astro Boy plays on the big screen. It’s a quirky blend that works well and adds to the back to school feel.

So what did we order… couldn’t go past the Wild mushroom arancini (x4) + tomato jam ($12). I’m a long time aracini fan and I was pleased to see them on the menu. However it was probably the tomato jam that added the punch on the flavour side. The rice balls had a nice crunchy coating but were a little bland by themselves, perhaps just needed a little more seasoning was all, but hey they were teamed with the tomato jam for a reason and by their powers combined it worked a treat.


Up next we shared a small serve of the 10Hr Bourbon beef short ribs, maple roasted pumpkin and broad bean pesto (small – $18). The meat just fell off the bone and that slow cooked the flavour had such depth! Entirely lovely and with a little of the sweet pumpkin and some of the broad bean pesto – it was  magical combination. So glad to have finally tried them – perhaps next time we’ll go the large, am sure we could get through the bigger serve.  


Up next we decided to sample another new item, the Sports Day Dogs (one of each) ($15) – Beef and shiraz, onions and bernaise and Chicken and sage, brie and cranberry chutney. GG carefully cut these in half for us and we dug in. I started with the beef and it was really interesting – especially with the crunchy green beans and the creamy bernaise sauce and they were really nice snags. The chicken sausage was equally as tasty and I liked the sweetness from the cranberry. They were by no means just run of the mill hot dogs and definitely well matched and delightfully different combinations of flavours.


Always the way that when you share a series of smaller plates that the dent in your appetite starts to get filled before you know it, as if by surprise. So I was pleased that we decided to leave the Tiger prawn tacos (x4), zesty salsa and fresh guacamole ($15) til the end. The inclusion of a plastic dropper with hot sauce was cute and well received by GG who doesn’t mind a bit of spice. The prawns were wonderful sweet and it was all so fresh, with the tomato and creamy guacomole, and the perfect way to end the savoury side with something nice and light.


We had a little extra room left though and one other new menu item took our fancy – Old-school Brownie ice cream sundae, liquid chocolate, praline and Amarena cherries (perfect to share) ($14). Hard to say no to a sundae! And it did look just pretty as a picture when it arrived – the large brownie pieces, oozing with chocolate sauce, plenty of cream and topped with a cherry or two. Indulgently fabulous and definitely designed to share, would be a little rich to tackle solo!


I had thoroughly enjoyed our return visit to the Classroom – the staff had been super friendly and even kind enough to let me have a quick look in their fabulous new rooms! They’ve done an excellent job – huge murales on the walls and plenty of couches – very welcoming indeed.

Well done on the new menu – glad I made it back to class 🙂

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