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I wouldn’t say that bagels are something I eat frequently. The only week of my life when I can recall them being my breakfast food of choice, was when GG and I first visited New York back in 2010. We were staying at a Best Western in midtown and breakfast was included, so each morning we’d fill up on coffee and bagels with cream cheese to give us sufficient energy for a hectic morning exploring such a vast and incredible city. And I quite enjoyed them but they aren’t something I would eat often while in Australia. But I’d heard about a new coffee spot in North Perth that made a more than decent cuppa and offered a fairly limited food menu that focused on bagels. Plus they open really early, which meant it was the perfect spot for a breakfast catch up with fellow early bird, Miss P….. very soon to be Mrs P.

So we arranged a time to meet up at Addison & Steele Speciality Coffee, a new addition to Fitzgerald Street and a “Specialty Coffee House- Serving delicious Small Batch Coffee via espresso and filter

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It has a bright and open fit out with a bit of an industrial feel with concrete walls and exposed silver air conditioning tubes. It all works though, along with some of the more quirky seating options and the great display of coloured ceramic birds along the wall.

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The limited menu actually made life nice and easy on the ‘what to have’ front. I opted for a flat white and one of the savoury bagels and we decided we’d share one of the almond croissants, because they looked just perfect.

Soon enough artistically poured coffees arrived and I did enjoy mine. I don’t profess to be any sort of coffee expert but I did think this flat white was the business 🙂 Plus it looked really pretty! I then turned my attention to the bagel. It came toasted with a selection of two flavoured cream cheeses. We arrived fairly early so felt at liberty to call out to the friendly lads behind the counter with a “yo what flavours are these?”. Roasted capsicum and smoked salmon was the answer. I might be pro fish these days but not in cream cheese form so I announced I wouldn’t be eating the salmon variety. This was when we found out about a jalapeno cream cheese, which they advised was slightly punchy for a 7am kick off but what the hey.


The bagels arrived toasted and Miss P initially decided that she was happy to partake in her bagel sans spread. As we both soon discovered though, the roasted capsicum and the jalapeno were pure magic, even Miss P was on board! Delicious, creamy flavours that were the perfect accompaniment to the wonderfully crispy and lightly toasted bagels. Yummo!

The bagels I discovered came from The Holy Bagel Co. which is based in Canning Vale – ‘We take the time to prove our bagel, boil and bake them in the traditional way’.  I can only vouch for the savoury bagels, but I can’t wait to try others.


On the sweet front, as I mentioned on this visit to Addison & Steele we shared an almond croissant. It was light and flaky and filled with an indulgent vanilla custard. And I’m not normally a custard fan but the whole combination of pastry and custard and nuts worked a treat.

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It was a fairly filling breakfast for a gal that five days out of the week enjoys a bowl of museli, but who doesn’t love a treat?

It had been a really great first visit to Addison & Steele and I can’t wait to head back! Cheers to bagels and yay for lovely coffee.

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  1. I love the Holy Bagel Company. Since they had a stall at the Vic Park markets I’ve been stocking up every week! My favourite is the original cinnamon raisin. Love the sound of those gorgeous cream cheeses though… yum! I need to try this coffee place.

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