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I don’t head out to breakfast very often. Generally speaking, if it’s during the week it tends to be more of a function, complete with some sort of economic update. At these sort of occasions, I don’t get to choose what I fancy, but rather snack on a selection of pastries and fresh fruit, ahead of a hot breakfast dish arriving. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy starting my day this way, however its perhaps even lovelier when you head out for breakfast in a smaller group and you get to choose exactly what you’d like.

Such was the case last Wednesday, when a fellow I have now dealt with for years, my whole career in finance actually, asked if I wanted to catch up for breakfast. I surely did and given I had wanted to head to this place for ages, we headed to Sayers Sister in Northbridge.

The new sister of Perth breakfast favourite Sayers in Leederville, it’s only been open for a short while now, but the reviews have been glowing. I’ll admit that I loved the place as soon as we walked in. At 7am on a weekday it was easy peasy to get a table, we actually had our pick of them and it gave me a chance to really take in the adorable fit out of the place. A cutesie collection of mirrors, pictures and prints adorned the walls, a range of different seating options were available along the left and right walls, with a tall longer bench in the centre. The centre bench had some impressive low lighting above it and while the end closest to the door is available to sit, closer to the till at the other end is a delicious looking selection of cakes and slices and biscuits. I wondered whether cake was a suitable breakfast food….. maybe for another day 🙂

On this visit I decided to be more bold than the selection I made when I last visited Sayers in Leederville and opted for the Mixed mushroom ragu, wilted spinach, poached egg, linseed soldiers ($18.50)whilst my dining company Mr P favoured a more vegan approach to eating for the most part and went for a more make your own plate with toast, beans, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.

Our coffees arrived first and I appreciated the caffeine hit so early in the day. Our breakfasts arrived not long after and I loved both the look and the smell of my selection. Took me back to my childhood to see the chunky soldiers on the plate. I took one and greedily dipped into the creamy mushroom mix. It tasted delicious, though there was quite a strong mustard flavour to it, and I could soon spy the tell tale seeds of seeded mustard in the dish. Not that I am mustard averse but I knew it was a flavour that I could potentially tire of. As is synonymous with Sayers stores, the egg was poached to perfection, with a wonderfully indulgently runny middle, that I quickly dunked my soldiers in once I had split it open. There was a white sort of block of something on top of my dish, which I wasn’t sure whether it was a type of cheese or tofu. It didn’t have a huge amount of flavour. I did enjoy what I chose, but as I suspected, I couldn’t finish the ample serving of mushrooms and spinach that I’d been presented with. It just got to be mustard flavour overload for me. I liked what I had, but would have been happy if the serve had half the amount of mushroom ragu and an extra egg. But that’s just me.

Across the table, Mr P polished off his plate and we ordered another coffee each and sat happily chatting before we left around 8.30. They only accept cash at Sayers Sister, but to make life easy there is an ATM on site. Staff are friendly and swift to clear any finished plates. No doubt this picturesque eatery will be another popular string in the Sayers bow.

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