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August 4th. Our first wedding anniversary. Really can’t believe that it’s already been a year! Time has just flown by and I couldn’t be happier. What’s that line from Juno… “He’s the cheese to my macaroni” that’s my GG 🙂

So anyways to commemorate this auspicious occasion I wanted to head out to dinner (I know weird right? GG and I eating out 🙂 ) but Sunday night dinner bookings can be a challenge. By chance I saw on Facebook that a place I had wanted to try for ages was now doing Sunday nights – perfect! Hello Chefz Table!


I sent them through an email to make a booking and also to ask how their menu worked. They did offer al a carte or you could opt for the Chefz experience.

If you would like the Chefz Table Experience just let us know what your parties favourite foods are, meats (including offal), fish (including crustaceans), vegetables and fruits.  Please also identify what foods you don’t like or have any allergies to.
Our Chefs will then develop a menu according to your tastes. Let us know what budget you have in mind and the Chefs will identify how many courses they can develop for you.
We can also match wines $10 per glass.

I decided to go for this option and for $150 a head we were going to get 4 courses with matched wines, along with an amuse bouche and petit fours – sounded lovely! The challenge was on to fish for information from GG for his favoured four course ingredients. Thankfully I have some mad sleuthing skills. I suspect these were garnered from years of reading Nancy Drew mysteries but I knew what he wanted and I sent through quite a rambling email to Chefz Table.

Ok I’ve been fishing for information from my dining companion. Something seafood for the first course would be fabulous please. I also like seafood, but find it quite off-putting when it has a really strong fishy taste. You have a really nice sounding prawn and gin trout dish on your current al a carte menu, that could be good 🙂 Or more random, but we once had a seared tuna dish with watermelon and it was amazing!

For the second course, something pork and apple would be lovely please. For the third course GG is a meat lover so couldn’t go past beef. I asked him what he thought would be a good pairing with it and he said beets. Tehehe I’m not sure if he was just being random. I know we both do love pepper steak and have also had some lovely creamy cognac sauce in the past, not sure if that’s an option. And for the fourth, he really loves those 1 minute microwave cake things and if that could somehow be incorporated with like a deconstructed snickers bar. A bit of chocolate, a little salted caramel, I’m really not sure, but these are the a few ideas I managed to pull from him. We both fell in love with snickers ice cream bars on our honeymoon.

I told you….. rambly. But I was curious to see what they would make of it.

The challenge then was for me to keep it a secret. I somehow managed and even as we were taxiing there GG was none the wiser as to where we were going. I must talk to him about too many restaurants. But we arrived and wandered inside. I’m not too sure what I had imagined it would look like but it has a fairly unassuming fit out. Focus is on black and red but with some very cool brightly coloured prints along the walls. Also there are large glass windows which overlook the Swan River which I imagine would look just lovely in Summer as the sun sets.


We were shown to our table and promptly offered water. We decided to kick off dinner with a glass of sparkling. While we enjoyed our bubbly beverages we were brought out warm brioche rolls, which were a delicious starter when paired with the elegant butter swirls on our table.



We were asked if we would like to see the menu that had been created for us or would be happy to be surprised. I was sure that GG would be far more surprised than me given that I’d sent the email but I was still really interested in what they’d done with my suggestions. So we kept the mystery alive and our table remained sans menu.


Our amuse bouche arrived first and when we were told it was Tuna Tartare, Roasted Watermelon, Pedro Ximenez Reduction. I could barely contain a squeal of glee! They had gone above and beyond with incorporating what I’d written in my email. The flavours just worked so well together. The delicate tuna, the sweetness of the watermelon and the indulgent splash of Pedro. Wow what a start! It was a flavour explosion. I was already more than just ‘amused’ with Chefz Table!



I knew seafood was next on the menu and was pleased as punch when the dish from their al a carte menu arrived – Poached Prawn, Gin & Grapefruit Cured Trout, Vanilla & Verjuice Veloute. It presented beautifully and there was no strong seafood flavour – tick. The prawns were lovely and plump, the trout just melted in your mouth and the ribbons of zucchini were a refreshing addition. It was a light and elegant dish and the flavours together were amazing.



It was swine time next. Pressed Pork, Toffee Apple, Fennel Emulsion. As it arrived I was very pleased with the round tower of slow cooked pork that arrived along with apple and dainty strips of fennel and the bright green splash of the fennel emulsion. The slow cooking of the pork meant that there was an abundance of flavour in the meat and it was wonderfully soft and entirely delicious. Texturally it was great to have the crunch of the fennel (how good is fennel!) along with a few of the crumbles that were on the plate and well apple and pork are a pair that belong together. It was a delicious and well prepared dish.



A dainty serve of plum sorbet arrived next and we enjoyed that and ensured that our palates were well cleansed ahead of our final savoury dish. I like sorbet and this one was particularly pleasant with its rich plummy tones.


Again they had gone above and beyond with our beef course. Sirloin Steak, Slow cooked beetroot, Pepper Sauce, Turnip Puree, Potatoes. Slices of perfectly pink steak were presented on a layered beetroot stack and I have to say although I chuckled at the randomness of the pairing suggestion it actually did work really well. There was pepper sauce too, just as I had wished it! And the roast carrots were a tasty and colourful addition to the dish. Cannot fault their attention to detail! My meatlover was smiling happily across the table, clearly having enjoyed this course as much as I had.


Now with dessert we had the option to continue with wine or try out a cognac cocktail they had in mind. We decided to be a little adventurous and went with the cognac, which was dramatically prepared at the table and included a dusting of fresh nutmeg. We felt a little bit Mad Men while we drank it, imaging that Don Draper would have been entirely on board with it.



What I really loved with dessert was that they served it on one plate, a dessert for two, ideal for an anniversary celebration. So what did we have…. Baked Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Ice cream, Salted Peanut Praline. It was amazing, like a Snickers ice-cream bar and chocolate cakey goodness all in one. The salted peanut praline contrasted so well with the richness of the baked chocolate mousse and the creamy ice-cream rounded out the experience. I am was just so impressed with the menu they had put together.



We actually had a chance at this point to have a chat to one of the Chefs, which was an interesting insight into the vision for Chefz Table. They are clearly a crew that embraces a challenge and the chance to test their creative mettle. And as we settled back to each enjoy a cup of tea along with some delicious and very pretty petit fours…….


we were presented with a little cake covered in icing and with a candle in the centre. So sweet! So we blew out the candle and made a wish 🙂


It had been an incredible evening. Service was friendly and knowledgeable, with thorough explanations provided on both the food and wine fronts. I cannot say enough good things about the menu they put together. Thank you so much to the whole team on making our first anniversary so very memorable 🙂

So if you have a special occasion in mind and are after something different then head along to Chefz Table – it’s amazing!

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