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 GG started working from home earlier in the year. Took the brave step of going out on his own and so far, so good. Actually he’s done exceptionally well. I’m very proud of him 🙂 But there have been a few occasions when he’s been so busy that he’s had to work all through the weekend. So when he does have a Saturday or Sunday spare I like to get him out of the house.

So one Sunday recently, when GG had let himself out of his office for a break, we escaped the house and found ourselves in Nedlands. It was lunchtime so we were in need of sustenance. We’d been to the Byrneleigh before and it’s not a bad spot, but it can be nice to try somewhere different so we wandered along Hampden Road and found ourselves in front of Tiamo.


I knew nothing about Tiamo, but just after 12 it already had a decent crowd and it looked inviting and we were starving so we headed inside and were shown to a table for two. The décor was fairly simple, but neat and tidy and very welcoming and appeared to be a popular spots with families if the few large groups, complete with high chair diners were anything to go by 🙂


The first thing that struck me was that it was a fairly extensive menu. There was a separate specials list, which I glanced at, before turning my attention to the full menu, that started with lighter snacks and moved on to an impressively wide range of larger options. While there was a definite Italian slant to the dishes I found it interesting to see a butter chicken pie and also Nasi Goreng in amongst the choices. Slightly ecletic to say the least. I thought their prices though were very reasonable.

While it can usually take us some time to umm and ahh over what to order we were surprisingly focused at Tiamo and (unsurprisingly) GG locked in the Eye Fillet –  Grain Fed (South West), 250gm beef fillet medallion, char-grilled served with steamed vegetables and potatoes, with creamy peppercorn sauce ($34.90), while after mentally tossing a coin I order the Scaloppine alla Panna, Pan-fried with mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce served with roasted potatoes and salad garnish ($24.90) (over a very tempting sounding pasta dish).

We eyeballed others lunches as they arrived and size wise, meals appeared to be a generous affair here at Tiamo.

Our lunch didn’t take too long to appear and they both looked great. A lofty piece of steak was presented to GG with an abundance of peppercorns in the sauce. From his first bite he was one happy patron. Feeling generous he shared a forkful with me and I can vouch for it being a very nice steak and I am very much in the camp of the more the merrier on the peppercorn sauce front. It had plenty of flavour.



Turning attention to my meal I thought it looked the goods. As I eagerly took my first mouthful I shared the sentiments of GG, it was love at first bite. My meal came with a delicious creamy white wine sauce and I really liked how there were big chunky mushroom pieces in it. It was the perfect accompaniment to the melt in your mouth, cooked to perfection, thin slices of tender veal. I was loving it! There would have been 4 decent slices of meat – nice! Along with the veal were some perfectly roasted potatoes, hot and fluffy on the inside and with the right amount of crunch on the outter (also magic along with the sauce) and also a lightly dressed leafy green salad, which provided a refreshing contrast to the rich, creamy sauce.




The two empty plates were testament to what GG and I thought of our lunch. Yum. I’ll admit that I had been more than pleasantly surprised with my lunch. I had been slightly concerned about a menu with some many different cuisines included, but I need not have worried. They can clearly handle the variety at Tiamo. Our meals had been tasty, generous, reasonably priced and well cooked and I would happily head back to enjoy the Scaloppine alla Panna again and again. Service had been friendly and efficient and if you are ever kicking around Hampton Road at lunchtime and looking for a substantial and tasty bite for lunch then could be worth giving Tiamo a whirl 🙂

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