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Organic, gluten free, dairy free & unnatural processed sugar free food.

Welcome to Solomon’s Café. A relative newbie to the Beaufort Street strip, this addition comes courtesy of someone lesser known for their culinary exploits and better known for dropping some mad hip hop beats – Drapht, otherwise known as Paul Ridge.

Mr Drapht has quite a long list of food allergies and decided that instead of constantly battling his way through menus at other venues that he would start his own.

Solomon’s is based around catering for all walks of life regardless of beliefs and needs. Whether the common carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, paleo, allergics, food sensitives, or just the overall health conscious. As we personally feel, no one diet is suitable for all individuals, with each persons bodily needs, differing from the next.

Fortunately I don’t have any food allergies. I actually count myself quite lucky for that given how common they seem to be these days. But I was curious to try out a menu geared to those with different food afflictions and food persuasions for the vegetarian and vegan among us and see how it suited me.

So one fine Friday morning I found myself at Solomon’s Café at 7am with Miss P for another pre work catch up.


The fit out is super cute! Love all the old, exposed brick, the wooden tables and chairs and the fabulous old wooden beams running along the roof. It all works a treat.


I kicked off proceedings with a soy latte (coffee Karvan 100% Arabica Bean) and feeling a little extravagant I also ordered a ‘bloody detox’ fresh juice – beetroot, carrot, celery, parsley, ginger and lemon ($9).


The presentation of the juice was in keeping with the feel of Solomon’s. A recycled coffee jar with one of my new favourite things – stripy paper straws. I love them, a little touch of vintage fun. The juice itself had plenty of flavour and tasted healthy. I quite liked it. Had a refreshing finish and a little spicy zing from the ginger.



On the food front, we ummed and ahhed over what to have until Miss P suggested we order the two dishes we had been eying off and split them. Inspired! And it meant we got to try two dishes. So we ordered the Gourmet mushroom bruschetta served on our in house baked chia and quinoa bread ($18) along with the Pumpkin pancakes, served with maple and coconut banana ($18). Something sweet and something savoury.

It actually took longer than I had expected for our meals to arrive, given that the place was nowhere near full a touch after 7. Really built the anticipation though I suppose.

Now of the two dishes, I thought the mushroom bruschetta presented better. Was an impressive mountain of lots of different kinds of mushrooms, including my favourites, the enoki! For a while when GG and I were on this whole no carb kick I could convince myself that enoki were like noodles when I had them in a stir fry 🙂 Along with the mushrooms, there was a generous serve of kale, the latest cool, go to veg. And all this ample vegetation actually hid the slices of in house baked chia and quinoa bread. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really love the bread, it was really dense and didn’t have a whole lot of flavour. When combined with some of the mushrooms and kale it was slightly more appetizing. Overall it wasn’t bad but wasn’t overly punchy in terms of taste, quite filling though.


And our breakfast dessert was the pumpkin pancakes. Again, couldn’t fault the serving size. I probably just didn’t think the whole bananas on top looked all that inviting. Taste wise though I was pleased the bananas were included because there was not a lot of sweetness is the pancakes themselves. I was fairly liberal with splashing on the maple syrup. Again they were ok, but deep down I know I would rather regular pancakes, heaped with berries and perhaps a little cream. I am sure though for people that can’t normally partake in a plate of pancakes that these would be quite the treat.

So my first visit to Solomon’s. I’ll admit that I had hoped for more, but I don’t think that I’m this place’s target audience. It does provide a lot of interesting options for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to indulge in whatever food they fancy.

Service was friendly and it is a cute venue, but the dishes I had just didn’t wow me. Having said that I would be keen to head back for lunch or dinner to try out their non breakfast fare. Another day perhaps.

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