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“Gourmet burgers made fresh to order with premium local ingredients and lots of love and attention”

I do enjoy a good burger and definitely like them to be made fresh and where possible with WA ingredients, keep things local. I’d heard of Missy Moo’s Burgers before but given it was in Freo I’d never ventured there to try one given it is a little far from home. But it was recently brought to my attention that a second Missy Moo’s has recently popped up in Mount Hawthorn. Much more convenient, proximity wise!


So I trotted along on Thursday this week Moos for an early burger dinner for the ever delightful Meg from Coffey and Tea. The new Missy Moo’s in located in The Mezz complex in Mount Hawthorn. It’s quite a big space and there’s plenty of seating options, both inside and also outside, not far from the new children’s play area. Though they don’t forget the kids inside at Missy Moo’s either. You’d got your old school computer game down one end and up the other a wall of blackboards and plenty of chalk. Plenty of distraction for the little ones and there is a kids menu available. Or if one of the big kid burgers takes your son or daughter’s fancy then fear not because they are happy to accommodate and will make a mini version. Keep everyone happy!


Now this big kid was slightly overwhelmed at all the tasty sounding options, along with the coolest range of burger names around! Did I want a Polly Put the Kettle On? Or maybe a Knick, Knack, Paddy Whack? Fun names and delicious fillings – decisions, decisions 🙂 I decided to keep things really simple on my debut visit and ordered the Missy Moo Beef Burger and added a slice of cheddar cheese. Meg went with a The Cow Jumped Over the Moon, which I’ll admit did sound very tempting given the addition of blue cheese! Yum! An serve of Onion Rings was also included in the order. I was pretty stoked about that. GG isn’t a big onion ring fan but I think they are just great so was keen to try Missy Moo’s version.


When you place your dine in order you aren’t given something so standard as a table number, you are given a toy to mark your order. We were given a plastic train. I liked it. It was in keeping with the fun tone of this burger bar. The burgers are made fresh but didn’t take long to arrive and I could wait to dig in. The came speared with a sharp knife for those you like to cut their burgers in half. I’m one of those people, plus it always makes for a nice photo to be able to see that inside shot of a burger.


I kicked off proceedings with one of the onion rings. In their elegant stack they were just crying out to be eaten 🙂 They were perfectly crispy with a flavourful batter, which was pleasantly light and the onion itself had quite a nice sweetness to it. Would be easy to knock off a whole dish of those 🙂

And now burger time! I eagerly took a bite into my first half. Great bun, very fresh as were all the salady components, the baby spinach and the tomato. I was glad I included cheese because I’m a long time cheeseburger fan. Both the aioli and the tomato relish had plenty of flavour but for me a lot of the test of a burger is in the patty. Decent thickness, well cooked and well seasoned. I thought it was nice. While I’d opted for the most simple option on their menu I thought it best to start with the basics and know that on my next visit I would colour outside the lines a little with one of the blue cheese or caramelized onion or chicken tenderloin options.




It’s a lengthy menu and means you can try something on each visit. Prices are reasonable and it’s easy enough to find a seat or you can have it packed up to take home. It would work well for families with burgers to please parents and kids alike. So if you are in Mt Hawthorn and wondering where to head for a quick lunch then know that Missy Moo is ready and waiting to make you a tasty burger!

Thank you to Meg for the introduction to Missy Moo and for the early bird dinner 🙂

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