WA Lamb – It’s Roasting Time! #WASignatureDish #Buywesteatbest

West Australian lamb is amazing. I’ve cooked up lamb chops and cutlets many a time, but recently I decided it was time for my lamb roasting debut. I’d roasted pork, beef and chook before but never gotten around to lamb – clearly an oversight! But with my family coming around for lunch recently it was time to give it a red hot go and only WA lamb would do.

So I headed to Mirrabooka Square where I am a big fan of Meat Giants. For the few weeks prior when I was across the way at the fruit and veg shop I would walk past and see these great legs of lamb that the Meat Giants had all lined up. So when I knew I was entertaining I headed on over and bought a 2kg leg of lamb. And now the challenge was on to find a good recipe. Thankfully I’d recently bought this entirely stunning Donna Hay cookbook from work and there was a great recipe in there and online here: Slow Cooked Lamb With Garlic and Rosemary.

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Some quality time in the oven and a really fragrant and delicious marinade and the whole house was smelling pretty darn good. All that malt vinegar, brown sugar and so much garlic!


I liked the idea of slow roasting the lamb to make sure that it was really tender. I thought it came out looking fairly picture perfect. Haha – but I suspect I’m a slightly biased chef at times.





I’d admit that on this first attempt that I probably gave it slightly longer than it needed and it could have done with a little extra pink. But hey it’s a learning curve.


But three cheers for WA lamb. Buy West East Best indeed!


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