A good mixed meat roll in a wonderful thing and Toscanini’s in Applecross do a sterling job of knocking one up. With your choice of white or grainy rolls they are jammed packed with your choice of fresh salad – lettuce, tomato, grated carrot, Spanish onion and cucumber and then attention turns to meat. It’s a solid line up – ham, salami, mortadella and what I believe is coppa. You are welcome to sauces and salt and pepper and can also add cheese (either cheddar or swiss) if that takes your fancy.

My preferred combo is a white roll with all the meats, all the salads except onion (because I can’t be breathing onion over everyone all afternoon at work) and plenty of salt and pepper. I also occasionally add some cheddar when I’ve feeling particularly lavish. They are $8.50 on their own or $9.00 with cheese I believe.


It is an incredibly filling and tasty and cut in half it’s got such a pretty side profile – an edible rainbow. I find is perfect on a Wednesday when I have personal training in the afternoon and know I’ll need energy to burn.

So there you go. My ode to the Toscanini’s mixed meat roll. If you are kicking around Mt Pleasant at lunchtime one day they are well worth a go 🙂

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