Pemberton Finger Limes – Getting their glam on at The Terrace Hotel

Recently I waxed lyrical about the sublime delight that is Pemberton Finger Limes. So if you’d seen that you can appreciate that I’m a pretty big fan of these zesty spherical wonders. So it was wonderful to recently head along to the Terrace Hotel to see them showcase this WA treasure in a series of delicious canapés.


I was invited along by Jacquie Baker who handles the Sales and Marketing Side of the Pemberton Finger Limes business and who I’ve emailed and chatted with on Twitter for what seems like a few years now. So as much as I was excited about enjoying what I was sure would be delicious food it was also so nice to get to meet Jacquie in person.

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A small group of passionate foodies gathered in one of the Terrace Hotel’s private dining rooms and Jacquie Baker told us a little more about her family’s story. Her parents were retired physios and had bought some land in Pemberton. They did some research about what plant would grow best and decided on the finger lime. From humble beginnings the annual yield continues to climb, along with this citrus’s expanding popularity. I really enjoyed hearing the passion that this Baker family representative spoke with about their journey, touching on the highs and lows along the way.

The Terrace’s kitchen put their creative hats on and whipped up a series of interesting canapes that featured a decadent and artistic sprinkling of Pemberton Finger Lime. And to kick off the action we started with a Finger Lime Margherita. Zesty, refreshing, so pretty and very easy drinking!

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From here the canapés began – each an interesting flavour combination with a pleasing punchy kick from those lovely limes. Below are a few pics from the evening…. trying to capture some prettiness that the kitchen team created 🙂

Smoked chicken mousseline, guacamole, filo pastry, finger lime

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Cured ocean trout, radish & crème fraiche, finger lime

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Oysters, mirin, finger lime

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Kingfish sashimi with mixed caviar including citrus!

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Masterstock pork belly, apple salad

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Vanilla cheesecake

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Very hard to pick a favourite in this creative bunch. I’d say for me it was likely a tie between the pork belly on the savoury side and that creamy cheesecake on the sweet. I actually really enjoyed seeing how complimentary finger lime could be in desserts.

I appreciate the invitation by Jacqui and to get to try some creative ways to enjoy her family’s amazing product. It’s given me plenty of ideas of what to do with them at home. So track them down during season because these are state treasures 🙂

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