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There are so many cutie patootie cafes that have opened around town this year and with social media inundated with pics of their beautiful breakfast offerings, I suspected that a weekday early morning attack was my best bet to visit one. I just don’t love crowds or lining up, I’m a little set in my ways on that front. Now my early bird breakfast partner in crime and I have had a solid run of visiting different establishments around the traps this year, but we are on the clock now. Tick tock. Not that she’s leaving or anything, but soon when I catch up with her she’ll have a new pint sized side kick. Yep a baby is on the way and with the due date fast approaching we decided to bring her husband along and slot in one more breakie, which is how I found myself at Layup recently.

We’re all about great coffee, house baked bread, killer brunch and providing awesome service to an awesome neighbourhood

Situated on Brisbane Street, it was a larger space than I expected. It’s light and bright and very welcoming. As soon as we were seated our friendly waiter brought us menus and some water and it was decision time. The whole menu is available all day, so if a steak sandwich in the morning takes your fancy then lock it in! They also have five pie options and five different types of sausage roll! As a lover of all things pastry this was an impressive line up and very tempting. So much so that Mr D (Mrs P’s husband) locked in a chicken and chorizo sausage roll for his breakfast. Living large, nice work D!


Mrs P and I wound up ordering the same thing – baked eggs with feta, spinach, tomato and chorizo. I had only ordered baked eggs once before and not in Perth, so it was about time I got on board and embraced the bake.

We kicked things off with coffee and mine was very pleasant. I loved the teal saucer too. Could I incorporate more teal into my decor at home? Potentially. In any event it was something to think about.


Our breakfasts didn’t take too long to prepare and we had beat any potential early morning rush by being the first in the door. Go Team Early Bird! They looked lovely and beneath the two slices of thick toasted bread was a treasure trove of flavours.


There were silken rivers of golden egg yolk, rich tomatoey sauce, creamy feta and the right kinda spice from the chunky pieces of chorizo. I tore the toast into rough soliders and dipped til my heart was content. Boom – flavour smacked ya right in the face! It was really tasty and had me wondering why I hadn’t given it a go sooner. I think in part I had concerns about it being a dish that would take considerable time to prepare and in the morning I just don’t have that kind of patience, I’m prone to getting hangry. But it really didn’t take too long at all here at Layup. Clearly my fears were misplaced. Once the bread was gone I forked up the last few skerricks of the dish, well pleased with my efforts. It had been a delicious debut visit and I looked forward to heading back soon. And hey it was spacious enough that Mrs P and Lil’ Miss Pint Sized could make a return visit with me!

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