One of my new favourite places in Perth is the Re Store in Leederville – amazing spot, how have I lived without this place for so long!

Re Store
231 Oxford Street
Leederville WA 6007
(08) 9444 9644

When I went there the other day GG and I spied a 6 pack of quails – so the challenge was extended to buy a pack and see what we could do with them 🙂

We decided we’d prepare them two seperate ways and one way was spatchcocked, which admittedly I had always thought was a type of bird and not a way to cook them. A helpful youtube tutorial and I was really to go pro.


A bit of a messy exercise so I gloved up and was ready to tackle the task at hand

A few deft cuts with knives and scissors…

And then there it was – all flat

I can’t say I am overly pleased with the presentation once I’d cooked it but the flavour was nice – done in a plum and red wine sauce, and cooked on a bed of fresh ginger and garlic. Not too bad. I imagine they would go quite nicely with a sitrfry of asian greens….. next time. This time it was mainly just a learning exercise… albeit a tasty exercise.


So after our entree, next up was the mains and I was channeling the brilliant Maggie Beer with a quail in quince glaze. We sort of tweaked the stuffing recipe slightly but thyme, proscuitto and fetta and pinenuts, plus a few more herbs turned out pretty tasty.


Plus cooking the quails this way gave GG a chance to harness skills once learned when he was working in the deli section of Advantage in Rockingham. He has them sitting all perfect.

And once in the oven they browned up lovely and we had them with roasted root vegies – an autumn favourite. I have a lot of time for parnsip and beetroot – yum

 I was really happy with how these worked out. Another box ticked… what’s next? Working on presentation I suppose and messing around with flavours. Can’t wait!

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