The Silk Road… revisited

The whole voucher revolution that has swept the web the past year or so has definitely been something that I’ve been on board with. There’s been some barginous visits to a variety of places. My biggest issue however is when you sort of forget to carefully read the fine print and run the risk that you may have missed out on the opporuntity to actually use it – dramas! Such was my concern with a voucher I had bought for The Silk Road. I knew it needed to be used, but time seemed to get away from me and before I knew it, I was making an embattled call through to ask if I could please make an evening booking, despite the fact the date I was meant to have booked by may in fact have passed. The folks at The Silk Road were incredibly accomodating and GG and I had a Sunday evening booking made. Phew! I would have been so disappointed to have missed out!

Essentially the deal was that for $99 two guests were able to sample a 5-course degustation menu, which on our visit included matched wines and a tea or coffee to finish. Bargain! I’d been to the Silk Road once before (, earlier this year and really enjoyed the visit so I couldn’t wait to head back and sample their Asian inspired degustation menu. I had high hopes that iwas going to be a taste sensation.

It really is a very pretty restauarnt, with some beautiful art work adorning the walls and very welcoming staff. To kick off proceedings our first course was delivered – Silk Road cucumber shooter, Soft shell crab. Presentation wise it looked beautiful and as we were informed, best to start with the crab and then finish with the refreshing cucumber shooter – sounded like a good plan to me. The crab was beautiful, a wonderful crunchy sweetness to it and the delicious mouthful of cucumber soup to finish really did round out the course well.

Up next was another salute to seafood with Tempura King Prawn, Silk Road Roll (pork, fish, prawn) and Harasame Squid. It looked great and I liked that it came with two sauces – one more salty and one with a bit more spice. I probably found the silk road roll a touch too seafoody, but the tempura king prawn was sensational, as was the squid! Overall, not a bad second course and again, it looked good!

I enjoyed the third course more than the second. Peking Duck Wraps, Aniseed Infused Crispy Pork Belly. What’s not to love about duck and pork on the same plate! I started with the peking duck wraps, with their delicate pancakes, sweet duck and crunchy, fresh cucumber. It was a delicious combination! I then turned my attention to the pork belly. I’ll admit that it looked different to how I’ve seen pork belly prepared before. It was as though the top layer had been removed and seperately crisped up. It still worked though, still the indulgent fatty goodness that is synonomous with pork belly and it did contrast nicely with the crispy top. It was quite the winner!

Despite my high praise of course three, my favourite savoury plate was the last. Margaret River Lamb cutlet and beef rendang, Safron Briyani Rice and Achar Salad. Such a beautiful dish, both visually and two thumbs up on the flavour front! It was some of the tastiest rice GG and I have ever eaten, what with its spices infused throughout! Then the lamb cutlet was cooked to perfect and just melted in your mouth and the beef rendang was just delicious and had the right amount of kick to it! Size wise too, after this plate we were both feeling quite comfortable, but naturally there was still room for a little dessert.

There were two options available. GG went for the Black rice palm sugar pudding with coconut gelato. I’ve never been a big rice pudding fan, but GG sits on the opposite side of that fence – huge fan! And from all accounts this was a well made dish.

I went for the other option – Passionfruit and Rhubarb Cheesecake. I have recently discovered I am a massive rhubarb fan and I liked the added zing this gave the cheesecake, helped to balance the sweetness. Bonus marks to on the passionfruit icecream. Very tasty!

We’d have an entirely nice time at The Silk Road. All the courses were so flavoursome and the amount of food was perfect, as was the pace that it arrived, all flowed very nicely. Service had been friendly and helpful in explaining all the dishes and I would definitely head back again.

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  1. In general, I think the voucher revolution of incredible bargains is winding down, although the the odd one pops up here and there still.

    Which is why I’ve bought the HotMixPro and I’m rocking that now – using the money I would have spent each month on vouchers for the thermo-cooker 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you! I used to buy them a lot more frequently and I’ve definitely a lot more selective with which ones I buy these days. Nice work on the HotMixPro though 🙂

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