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Apple Daily Eating House and Bar is a place I’ve wanted to visit since Print Hall first swung open its doors. Its menu looked so enticing! Thankfully the opportunity to visit presented when a bank I deal with asked if I would be keen to catch up there for lunch one day. It wasn’t a hard sell, I couldn’t say fast quick enough once I’d spied the location they had chosen 🙂


So I waited and waited for the day to come around, then at lunchtime I got myself to town and wandered up to the first floor of Print Hall where Apple Daily is found. Decent crowd even on a Monday, reflecting the growing popularity of the Brookfield Place complex. The fit out of Print Hall is really impressive. Large bar area downstairs, then up in Apple Daily the walls are covered with old newspapers with a lot of exposed polished wood. It’s all very trendy. They’ve down a solid job of creating a visually impressive venue that fits in perfectly with the whole shiny new complex.


We were bought menus and the first thing that took my fancy was that they had a very solid collection of Bella Ridge wines available by the glass. Bella Ridge is a fabulous boutique winery in the Swan Valley and they produce some really interesting wines. Was really great to have the opportunity to try them by the glass as you can’t buy Bella Ridge wines in bottle shops.


So with a glass of Trebbiano ordered our attention turned to what to eat.


Our friendly waiter provided us with an abundance of information about how the menu worked and details about a few of their most popular dishes. It was helpful, but a little overwhelming, but we collected our thoughts and ordered a few from the smaller Street Food Snacks sections and then two dishes from the Bigger Items.

Didn’t take too long for the food to start arriving. First up was the Crispy Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab, Watercress, Pomelo, Nam Jim ($18). It was so tasty and I so loved the salad underneath. The tart grapefruit and the peppery watercress was an inspired pairing and worked so well with the spicy crab. I had high expectations for the next few dishes as the bar had been raised so high on plate one 🙂


The Pilipino Sausage, Sticky Rice, Achar, Lettuce Cups ($16) was like a make your own san choy bow course. The sausage itself was very flavoursome and whilst it was a test to carefully balance all the ingredients in the lettuce leaf and then eat it without spilling it all over yourself, it was a challenge I was up for. Thankfully in the presence of the bankers I did not end up with food all down my front. Really interesting course, not what I had expected – mainly because I had stopped reading after sausage and had not realised that lettuce cups were on the way, but totally loved it!



My favourite dish was the Tamarind Spare Ribs, Green Mango Salad ($16). The sauce on them had a wonderful sticky richness to it and the meat just fell off the bone. Having the mango salad along side was the perfect palate cleanser after the indulgent meaty ribs. Couldn’t wait for GG to try these! Suspected he’d be a huge fan.


So these were the Street Food Snack items and our larger dishes started with the Phad Thai, Prawns, Sweet Pork, Chilli Jam ($26). It was a decent sized serve and looked like there was plenty of chunky ingredients mixed throughout the noodles. One issue I usually have with phad thai is that it is a lot of noodles and can often not have a lot else. And don’t get me wrong, I like the noodles but nice to mix that up with some meat and vegies. Apple Daily really ticked the box with their offering. Beautifully seasoned with big pieces of pork, silky tofu and vegies throughout. Very nice!


Out final dish was the Salt Water duck, Spring Onion, Flower Bun, Hoisin ($32). Pretty as a picture was the steam basket that was presented to the table with its precious flower buns. Then along side were dainty slices of duck on top of some pineapple, julienned sticks of cucumber and chilli and a dish of hoisin sauce. The combination of all the fresh ingredients in the fluffy flower buns was amazing. The salty duck with the sweet pineapple and hoisin sauce and the crunch from the cucumber – yum!!

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I had thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Apple Daily. Great service and it had lived up to the hype and I couldn’t wait to head back and knock off a few more of their tasty menu items!

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    1. Hahaha I must have been speed typing because there definitely were a few sentences that needed work. Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully it reads a little better now 🙂

  1. This place was great the first time I went, but the second time was a major disappointment. All the food was so salty it was deemed inedible. Shame because the first time left me thinking Perth was finally picking up its game..

    1. My second visit (which was last Saturday night) was good, still loved the food but we had quite an enthusiastic waiter who sort of ordered three cocktails on our behalf….. Which was a little strange…. Bit had the ribs again and they are mega 🙂

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