Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer® – Michael’s Muffins: Sweet Cycling Treats

There are a lot of really wonderful events that are held in Perth these days in support of some very worthy causes. One of these events is scheduled for the 19th and 20th of October and is the Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer®, which is benefiting the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR).

My good friend Michael has joined 6 other cycling enthusiasts have to form a team dubbed “Micro Lycra”. They came together for this event in support of two people. Firstly, the dad of two of the team members, who is also Michael’s wife’s uncle, who has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Secondly, Michael’s mum, who was diagnosed with breast cancer about 7 years ago, had treatment and is in remission (touch wood) but continues to receive regular treatment.

Sadly it is the case these days that cancer seems to have touched everyone’s life. So I’m definitely supportive of those who are working towards helping the WAIMR do something to change things.

The race is a fairly epic undertaking and clocks up around 100km each day through the picturesque Western Australian countryside.

Every rider has to raise at least $2,500 to do the ride, or they charge your credit card for the gap, so it’s a reasonably big ask.

While Michael has managed to achieve the fundraising required for his entry, his efforts are continuing so that all of his team members are able to complete the ride. If you follow the link below you are able to see what each team member has been able to raise so far. Adam Ferguson would be a worthy recipient of some support, he hasn’t raised much so far but this is because he is currently based in Karratha for work and is limited in his fundraising opportunities

Part of Michael’s continued fundraising efforts includes a new foray into the baking scene. Muffins, cakes and even a few savouries have been making their way to his office kitchen, where a gold coin donation can be made in exchange for a tasty morsel for morning tea. A lucky office indeed 🙂


I was also lucky enough to try the Lemon Curd Muffins when I visited his house recently when some baking trials were underway to ensure they were a quality product. They definitely were!


In conjunction with the baking, Michael has been keeping notes from all his kitchen escapades and plans on putting together Michael’s Muffins: Sweet Cycling Treats. A mission to cook, sell and eat delicious muffins, the ultimate post cycling treat and aimed at helping cancer research. So far White Chocolate & Raspberry and Orange and Poppy Seed have been served up, with many more to come.

To say thank you to those who support this worthy cause when the cookbook is available later in the year a copy will be sent to everyone who makes a donation of $10 of more. So to ensure you receive your copy of Michael’s Muffins: Sweet Cycline Treats, please include your address in the message when you make a donation or alternatively send through your details to Michael at

All donations big and small are greatly appreciated.

Good luck with the ride lads!

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