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Mt Barker Free Range Chickens are a happy bunch of chooks ‘free to do whatever they like, wherever they please’. Sounds like quite the pleasant and stress free life for a chicken.

As soon as these chicks hit three weeks old they are free to roam the farm during the day – scratching in the grass, playing on chicken play gyms (even chooks like to play) with plenty of shade and even sprinklers for those hot WA days.

In terms of free range standards, Mt Barker Chickens do enjoy more lavish conditions than some other companies touting the free range tag, as outlined on their website. Mt Barker was the first RSPCA approved chicken and turkey farmer in Australia.

Mt Barker Chicken is one of the lovely ingredients on the list for the #WASignatureDish competition. This is a great chance for amateur chefs to show off their cooking skills and to showcase the beautiful produce we have in different regions of Western Australia.

So you can find Mt Barker Free Range Chicken listed under the ingredients for the Great Southern region. What a beautiful product to cook with! I was having some family around on the weekend so I decided I’d cook up some crumbed chicken, nice and easy but ticking the box for tasty.

My recipe was breadcrumbs, a few chilli flakes, a dash of lemon pepper seasoning, some mixed herbs and a little salt and pepper. So mix that all together in one bowl and in another an egg and some milk and whisk it together. Cut your chicken into thin slices, then coat a piece with the egg wash, then into the crumbs. Heat a little oil in a pan and then brown the crumbed chook pieces. It’s as easy as that 🙂 A lovely way to enjoy Mt Barker Free Range Chicken.

I served it up with a caprese salad and a potato bake – great for a group of five hungry diners for a night in to watch the footy. Buy West Eat Best indeed 🙂










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  1. i’d be a bit worried about the use of mt barker chickens or any of their products. i used them regularly as a wholesale customer and found bits of paper hanging off the chicken mince. i then started to receive ‘fresh’ chook which was rather foul fowl on delivery direct from the transport company! instead of looking into the problem mt barker sales immediately told me it was my problem and would no longer supply me! despite writing a four page letter to the CEO, mr tarling, i received no response. i thence reported my problem to the rockingham shire. whatever happened to customer is king?!!! maybe it was never that way in australia anyway…. poor service huh! a mockery of the health dept’s food standards if you ask me.

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