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Perth in Spring is just beautiful. Call me biased as a life time resident, but it is a pretty darn impressive spot. There’s an abundance of blue skies and sunshine and a perfect place to enjoy such stellar weather is perched by the seaside for a meal. So on a particularly pleasant Sunday, GG and I headed to Sorrento to visit White Salt. Ages ago I bought a voucher from the Scoop Shop. I just love Scoop Shop! It’s a little online store run by the Scoop Magazine crew with a range of different discount vouchers available and I bought one that got me a $90 voucher for White Salt for just $45! So that was a great deal.

As I found out from their website, White Salt is run by Tim and Claire Leech and is located on West Coast Highway overlooking the Indian Ocean and has been open since 2005. They have Chef Simon Harris in the kitchen, cooking up the best local seasonal produce and with his team, he aims to ensure that guests enjoy a relaxing dining experience.

We were shown to a seat right near the window with glimpses of the ocean, which was entirely lovely. Our waitress Madi let us know about the specials of the day and with that information at the ready, we ordered a glass of sparkling each and focused on the food, food, food.

Upon deciding we were starving, we opted to order two starters to share and then a main each…along with a side of chips because as I noted previously… starving.

So for starters we ordered a serve of the Chorizo & Charred Lime – Locally made chorizo, grilled & served with half a charred lime $10.00 and Salt & Pepper Squid – In house prepared salt & pepper fried squid rings with a lime & wasabi vinaigrette $12.00. Then for mains, my  man stuck with his favourite and ordered the Beef Fillet (gf) Grilled 250g MSA fillet of beef, potatoes a la boulangere, roasted garlic field mushroom with a truffle jus $39.00, while I went with the Pork Ribs Smokey & spicy pork spare ribs with coleslaw & sourdough bread (gf avail) $29.00 and we planned on sharing a serve of Hand Cut Chips with Aioli (v, gf) $10.00.

It was entirely pleasant to sit and sip on sparkling while we waited for the food to arrive, which didn’t take long. When it did appear it became vastly apparent that perhaps we weren’t going to need a whole main each afterwards. The size was definitely surprising, generosity was clearly the name of the game at White Salt.

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Will you look at this mountain of squid! Lightly battered, with plenty of peppery pep, it was crispy and our waitress brought us a dish of aioli to get our dip on. The squid had been cooked perfectly and was wonderfully tender and we eagerly polished off the pile. A little squid along with a little of the chorizo was actually really tasty too.

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Again, a more than decent dish of grilled sausage slices which we had spritzed with plenty of the accompanying lime. Delish! And they just dished up so much! Was I going to have enough room for my main? Time would tell.


What a vision they were! I was presented with a Flintstone sized rack of ribs along with a neat little stack of vibrant coleslaw and a slice of sourdough. Across the table GG was well pleased with his sky high tower of beef and elegantly sliced potato gratin. There was also a decadent aroma of truffle from the drizzle of truffle oil on GG’s dish. Amazing. And then between us were a stack of hand cut chips. A giant stack and they were entirely well seasoned and again aioli made a feature.

The ribs sliced into pieces like cutting into soft butter and the meat just fell off the bone. The ribs had been slow cooked and lovingly marinated in a punchy sauce and it was deliciously addictive. I managed to polish off a lot more than I had anticipated. I enjoyed having the coleslaw to finish with. It did have a creamy sauce, but the crunchy dual coloured cabbage was actually quite refreshing. I’m not sure that the sourdough was really needed with such a filling dish but I love bread and may have devoured a good half of it…or all of it except the crusts.

My dining companion is a steak fiend and made quick work of the beautiful steak he had been presented with. He did give me a cheeky bite before it disappeared though and I can vouch for the entire magic of it. A very, very good steak and I could taste the indulgent truffle drizzle. All kinds of wonderful.


Now I’ll admit that we perhaps overestimated our hunger in ordering the side of chips and I really wish I had more room because they were such good chips. Big and crunchy and sprinkled with plenty of salt. I wish I could have eaten more. But we each polished off a few, we did what we could and tried to make the dent in the bowl respectable. It did mean though that I couldn’t even entertain dessert and that’s coming from the resident sweet tooth who generally always has room.


I thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to White Salt. It’s a lovely open venue and very scenic being so close to the seaside. Really tasty food and uber generous serves, you will not be leaving hungry! Plus our waitress could not have been friendlier. Her great service made the lunch all the more memorable and she is a real credit to the venue. So next time the sun is shining and you are hungry, then keep White Salt in mind.

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