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Hummus or houmous is a Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Today, it is popular throughout the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe.

People with passion are an exciting bunch. I love meeting folks who have made the bold decision to pursue their dreams. It’s bold and it’s brave and I applaud their moxie. I also like the chance to use the word moxie. I recently had the pleasure of saying hello to Ziad and Kailtin Zammer, the dynamic duo behind The Hummus Club (THC). In their former lives they worked in pharmacy and engineering, but you may now have seen them at their food stand at various markets and festivals around town or earlier in the year at the Good Food & Wine Show. They are passionate about showcasing the deliciousness of Middle Eastern cuisine to West Aussies and a great place to start is with hummus.


“Our main aim is and will always be to expose Perth to the food we love- mid eastern cuisine- in a modern, inviting and unique way. We spent many long days and nights perfecting our recipes. We used recipes handed down from Ziad’s family and tweaked them until we came up with – what we thought at least- to be the perfect recipe.”  

Team THC had gotten in touch with me many months back with an invitation to come along and try their wares, but times and dates had never aligned. I then saw they were at the Inglewood Night Markets on Mondays and got it in my mind that there was no more excuses given it is so close to home. We rugged up on a Monday and although the weather wasn’t exactly outdoor friendly on the night we chose, we found our way to the corner of Beaufort St and Ninth Ave where The Hummus Club is set up. What a lovely pair they are! So welcoming to everyone who wanders by to check out the menu and chat about hummus.

Three dishes were available on the menu – The Hummus Boss, The Club Mix and the FLT (Falafel-Lettuce-Tomato). It’s always a dilemma knowing what to order but this stress vanished when Kaitlin and Ziad generously offered to provide us with one of each of the three dishes. We were all in! So spoilt! Bring on the hummus!


Everything presented beautifully, with the salady bits all looking super fresh, the hummus looking smooth and creamy, with artistic drizzles of olive oil and sprinkles of dramatic red paprika and then there were those falafel, which were just calling my name! They looked so perfectly crispy! I expect it must be quite the art to be able to plate up all the components and have them all look so pretty in such a small tented space. But practice makes perfect and with nearly a year of farmers markets and street food events under their belt they have got it nailed.


We were ravenous when we got home and after racing everything inside it was time to attack. I cut the wrap in half and we started with that. They have a choice of three sauces – hummus (obviously), along with chilli and tahini. We opted for all three (things were about to get saucy) and that along with the warm crisp falafels and some salad made for a tasty and fairly filling introduction to the stellar work of the Hummus Club. And to think that it was all vegetarian! GG and I had actually managed a meat free Monday, which I don’t think has ever happened before at our house!


As it was, I’d only had falafel once before that I could recall, back at The Prophet a few years ago and I’d really loved it. So enjoying round two was always going to be a great night, both in the wrap and then in the Club Mix. I really enjoyed the exciting medley of flavours in the Club Mix. Generously slathering the dreamy hummus on torn pieces of crispy pita bread, balancing on a little falafel and adding a little of the fattoush salad and you had yourself a real taste sensation. If you haven’t tried any Middle Eastern food this is the perfect way to start. So many classic elements are together in one handy THC Club Mix and who needs a fork, get a little handsy!



I’m not going to lie, by the time we had polished off Club Mix and the wrap I was pretty darn full, but pleasingly for me it meant that The Hummus Boss would be coming to work with me for lunch the next day. Big win right there because let me tell you now, it is very good hummus. I think when I’ve made or eaten hummus in the past it has been quite garlicky, whereas this version wasn’t so overpowering in the garlic stakes which was nice. It had a lovely well balanced flavour to it that had you going back with the pita bread… for just one more dunk, ok just one more…. Seriously, try to stop dunking!



I feel incredibly grateful to hear from lovely people like Kaitlin and Ziad and to have them so generously gift me some of their amazing food to try. This pair has decided to focus their energies on their new passion and after only a year of hard work have seen it go from strength to strength and continue to grow in popularity. They regularly attend the markets below over the warmer months and if you keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram accounts they’ll keep you updated with locations:

  • Mondays- Inglewood on Beaufort
  • Fridays- Varies. Including Hawkers Market in the City, Mt Hawthorn Markets and Guildford Twilight
  • Saturdays- Maylands Hawkers Markets. 
  • Plus lots of different Summer events and markets. 

My thanks to The Hummus Club for our delicious dinner. I believe they have some exciting plans for the future, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media for what’s coming up.


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