Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival

Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival is a really enjoyable event and the local community is clearly passionate about this annual event they put together. Be assured it is pretty awe inspiring to wander onto a local basketball court and see them covered with gigantic pumpkins.

Gangnam Restaurant Perth

This visit definitely reminded me that it can be good to colour outside the lines and look to try a few different things and be adventurous with cuisines you don’t normally try. Both GG and I are keen to head back and further expand our Korean food horizons in the future. Thanks for having us Gangam and for the very tasty lunch!

Xanadu Winery

So next time you are hungry in the south, whether you’d like something more formal with their indulgent tasting menu or slightly more casual enjoyed from a beanbag on the grass under an umbrella, know that there are plenty of options for everyone on the food front at Xanadu. Plus there are still all their lovely wines to try!