Overdue a catch up with friends but the weekend is always too hectic? Haven’t been to the city for a while? You can’t be bothered cooking dinner? Whatever the reason, the City of Perth has you covered with their LET’S THURSDAY LIKE IT’S FRIDAY promotions. Get the party started a little earlier, because who wants to wait til Friday for a fun night out? A solid line up of venues around town, fabulous bars and restaurants alike, are offering some great deals to encourage folks to check out the night life in the City of Perth on a Thursday.

Image Credit: City of Perth

The two that caught my attention are for lovers of a cosy wine bar.

Heritage Wine Bar in the Brookfield Place precinct is offering this LET’S THURSDAY LIKE IT’S FRIDAY deal.

Come in on any Thursday during April and May to receive The Heritage’s Let’s Thursday Like We Friday offer. From 4pm on Thursdays you can delight in five scrumptious bar snacks and a carafe of white or red wine for just $50.

I have to say as a venue to wind down after a busy day at work it is pretty ideal. The Heritage has a lovely European feel with its polished fit out and staff are so friendly and welcoming.


The deal itself is outstanding – will you look at this spread! Five completely delectable snacks that will put more than a little dent in any ravenous after work appetite. The snacks selection includes:

  • Panisse, herb emulsion, society garlic salt
  • Sushi crisps, nori, soy, wasabi mayonnaise
  • Wagyu beef tataki, lardo, bulgogi, chicken fat (1)
  • Chicken skewer, spring onion, agrodolce, black garlic (1)

And then the choice of either

  • Fremantle sardines chilli, salsa verde, piccalilli onions 
  • Fat cut chips, parmesan, burger sauce

(I went with the chips)

It is more than enough food for a hungry pair, even with sharing the skewers, and definitely still plenty for a group of three to nibble on, so you could just spend $50 between you and it would work a treat.


Seriously those chips, so good! An ample dollop of their housemade burger sauce and a generous grating of pecorino. The sushi crisps, made by rolling out sushi rice into sheets then flash frying before sprinkling with nori salt, crushed wasabi peas and dainty dots of wasabi mayo (for double the wasabi fun) are incredibly moreish. Both the skewers will impress the meat lovers in the group, particularly as the chicken oysters are just about the best bit of the bird and a few of those precious morsels pan fried for crispy skin and then roasted… they are a delectable mouthful. The beef tataki just melts in your mouth. What beautiful pieces of beef it is. So tender! And finally the panisse, not something I’d tried before, sort of the consistency of a baked polenta chip, but entirely pleasant with the few dots of intense herby garnish. They are happy to adjust these items for those with dietary requirements also.

So the food is kicking serious goals and then you also have your 375ml carafe of house white or red to enjoy, so half a bottle. Plus if you are still thirsty and there between 5 and 6 then happy hour kicks in and you can get another one for $15, along with their $2 freshly shucked oysters. Oh yes, plenty of good reasons for a Thursday visit to the Heritage!


Shadow Wine Bar is on my favourites list and is always such a consistent performer so it was wonderful to see they’ve also gotten involved with the LET’S THURSDAY LIKE IT’S FRIDAY fun, because if you haven’t been before then this is a great way to make their introduction. Their deal is

Every Thursday during April and May you can enjoy an Aperol Spritz for two with prosciutto, olives and bread for $30


 Shadow Wine Bar in the evenings has an enticingly moody feel to the place, perfect for intimate dining and a really lovely glass of wine with your special someone in one of their low lit booths. From late afternoon though, when the last remnants of sunshine are still streaming in, their seats by the window have become my total favourite.


A visit to Italy a few years back definitely opened my eyes to the supreme delight that is an Aperol Spritz! I can fully appreciate that a catch up with a friend over an Aperol and a few choice Shadow Wine Bar nibbles would make for a fabulous Thursday outing.


I can vouch for the pleasure of a nice chat with your kicky orange beverage in hand, while enjoying some of their thinly sliced prosciutto, topped with a few zesty pickles, along with slices of their fresh bread, served nice and warm and a generous dish of mixed olives, seasoned beautifully with a sprinkling of salt. Simple things done well. An entirely classy place to sip, snack and chat on a Thursday!

I think what I like about a lot of these promotions is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a long night out, because ok yes, the majority of us do have to get back to the office on Fridays, but it gives you a chance to spend a lovely hour or two after work just winding down at one of the many outstanding venues we have around town. I think the two spots I’ve mentioned above are exceptional value for money.


Plus if you look through the whole list here I am sure you’ll find some others that also take your fancy. There’s a great range of different deals available. Love gnocchi? (who doesn’t!) then check out Gazette, Enjoy Gazette’s famous, pillowy soft pan-fried gnocchi, carrot puree, hazelnut, sage reggiano, served with a glass of red or white wine for only $33.  Or are you partial to a sangria? Then look up Ku De Ta Perth. Join KU DE TA as they present Sunsets and Sangria, where they’ll be offering you the choice of red, white or rose jugs of sangria for just $30. Have a special bottle of wine, but want someone else to cook? Then say hello to BYO at Fraser’s Restaurant. Bring a bottle. Bring a friend with a bottle. Bring your next-door neighbour with a bottle. No menus, no fuss, $110 per person three course share menu and BYO wine at the stunning Fraser’s in Kings Park. Spring clean the cellar, dig out a top drop and let Fraser’s cook you the ultimate feast.

So enjoy the LET’S THURSDAY LIKE IT’S FRIDAY promotions while they are on and start thinking of your reason to head out on a Thursday…. Just because is sounding perfect!


Please note this is a sponsored post for the City of Perth. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Wine bars are the best! You got me at Wagyu beef tataki, lardo, bulgogi, chicken fat (1) 😋 and that big wine glass 🍷 Omigawd! Yes!!!

    1. I know right!! They are such lovely glasses. But it is such a good deal and the food was all so tasty 🙂

    1. Thanks Ashleigh – had a lovely time at these two fab venues. Such good deals too! Roll on next Thursday x

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